Maze the Bounty Hunter (Could be a Great Spin-off!) #Lucifer S3E3 Review: Mr and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

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Lucifer: Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Original air date: October 16th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

This episode was the first of four stand-alone episodes that FOX ordered last season. The episodes are going to be intermixed this season, and though this episode didn’t offer too much in the way of progressing the season’s main arcs, it did give a highly entertaining in-depth insight into Maze.

The story is about her going after a difficult bounty, but also it explores what it means to have a soul. We learned previously that demons don’t have souls; once they are dead, they are no more. Not having a soul gave context to the way Maze lived her life. She only has one go around– might as well squeeze the most from it, but she isn’t the same Maze as the beginning of the show. Maze has become more than Lucifer’s henchwoman. She has been looking for purpose and direction; becoming a bounty hunter helped her create that.

So, true she might not have been created with a soul, but as she evolves, could she have acquired one? I mean, humans are born with a soul and some seem to lose theirs over time– maybe a demon can gain one. Or maybe a soul isn’t the end all be all—maybe it doesn’t define us, but maybe it is our actions in life, and how we treat others, that shows kind of person (or a demon) we are. It seems as the seasons progress, the longer the Divine are with humans the more they understand and accept human folly. If Amenadiel is correct, if his father has a divine plan—maybe it is to let His other creations interact with humans and learn to love them as much as He does?

All this talk of souls and musings of the hereafter makes the episode sound heavy, but really it was so much fun. I won’t say it is my favorite episode—I mean I could, but I feel like I say that every episode. So, I will say this is everything we expect from an episode of Lucifer.

For me it is the details that make a show great, and it was just a tiny detail that led to my favorite moment—when Maze is in Lt. Herrera’s office. She is eating Dan’s pudding! I love that throughout the show everyone is eating his food. Poor Dan, I mean he probably deserves it, but maybe he should just label his food Decker. Also, along the lines of little details—when Maze sews up Rivers’ wound and finishes it with a button, it felt like the most Maze-like thing Maze could do.

Maze’s interactions with Ben Rivers (Chris McKenna) were great. They played well off each other and it makes me want Maze to have another relationship. Preferably not Amenadiel. I liked them together, but, I don’t know—I guess I’m just not feeling it anymore. I think it is because Amenadiel hasn’t evolved as much as Maze. Don’t get me wrong, I like Amenadiel, but he needs to stay a little stand-offish. If he immersed himself in humanity as much as Maze and Lucifer, the balance of the story would be lost.

Now, I know I might be the only person that feels this way, but what about Maze and Dan? I know people, even fictional ones don’t need to be in relationships, but I enjoy shipping people (fictional or otherwise). So give Danikeen a chance, mull it over—preferably over a glass of wine; because the one sure thing I took away from the episode is that there is nothing a glass of wine can’t fix.

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