Enter the World of Philip K Dick with Man in the High Castle & Electric Dreams

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When Nerds Attack was lucky enough to interview the cast and producers of both Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and the new anthology show, Electric Dreams, both based on Philip K. Dick properties/short stories. It was wonderful to sit down with Rufus Sewell and Alexa Davalos again to discuss what is in store for their characters in the upcoming season, along with newcomer Jason O’Mara about his new character Wyatt and his motivations.  From the interviews, it seems that Electric Dreams is shaping up to be some well produced, deep scifi/fantasy fare that at it’s core will be about humanity. Check out the reviews and let us know what you think!

[Man in the High Castle]

Jason O’Mara (Wyatt Price) & Rufus Sewell (John Smith)

Jason discusses his new character Wyatt, while Rufus discusses what is in store for John Smith in S3, and what motivates the man to do what he does–and why he might start questioning things, now that things are shifting in the regime.

Alexa Davalos (Juliana Crane) & Dan Percival (Producer)

Alexa Davalos and Dan Percival discuss what is in store for S3 of The Man in the High Castle, what the introduction of alternate worlds might mean for Juliana and the rest of this world, and why Philip K Dick’s stories still resonate today.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Isa Dick Hackett & Michael Dinner (Executive Producers)

Isa Dick Hackett & Michael Dinner discuss adapting Philip K. Dick’s stories for the small screen, working on an anthology, and the core of humanity that runs through each of the stories chosen for the miniseries.

Liam Cunningham, David Kanter & Ronald D. Moore

Liam Cunningham, David Kanter, and Ronald D. Moore discuss Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, why the stories are relevant today, and the challenge of adapting short stories onto the small screen.

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