Just a Tiny, Little Case for #Lucifer to Solve. S3E2 Review: The One with the Baby Carrot

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Lucifer: The One with the Baby Carrot

Original air date: October 9th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

This was a thoroughly entertaining and insightful episode. First, Lieutenant Pierce knows all about the Sinnerman. Back at his old gig, he had a run in with the Sinnerman and it cost him someone close. Mysterious– who could that have been? A partner or perhaps a significant other? I smell a backstory coming soon! Pierce is giving Lucifer a wide berth to do his own investigating, with the caveat to keep him in the loop, and to keep Decker out (to keep her and Trixie safe).  As a show of good faith, Peirce even let Lucifer have a go at the guy arrested for killing Lucifer’s kidnapper in last week’s episode. It was a dead end, the guy did it out of jealousy—he has no information on the Sinnerman.

So, is that the truth? Can the Sinnerman influence people in a supernatural way or was this normal, human manipulation? I’m leaning more towards him being human. I have nothing to support this claim– I just have a couple of theories. In shows, the characters are always conveniently intertwined with each other, i.e. Pierce having a run in before with the Sinnerman before. It could be that it’s a ruse and Pierce is the Sinnerman, but that would just be too easy. It’s been hinted that Pierce is going to woo Decker, as well. If he is a bad guy, then hating him would be simple. If he turns out to be a good guy, like a nice, supportive partner for Decker, then we are going to have a hard time not wanting them together. This show always goes the unexpected route, that’s what I love the most about it—so I hope they don’t disappoint me on this.

What if the Sinnerman is connected to Dr. Linda? Maybe an ex-husband? I feel Dr. Linda is a big unknown; we don’t know all that much about her, so perhaps she used to be connected to a really bad dude. Maybe she ran away from her previous life, created a new one, and somehow her ex found her and wants to get her back… or kill her, or mess with her. I don’t know, but speaking about Dr. Linda, it seems like she is throwing herself into work rather than dealing with her own trauma. Helping Amenadiel and Lucifer is great, but I think not dealing with what happened to her is going to come back and bite her in the ass. I hope she can keep it together, as we need her as a voice of reason.

My other theory of the Sinnerman goes back to the very first episode. Remember Jimmy Barnes? He was the culprit behind the murder that first paired Lucifer with Decker. Lucifer didn’t kill him, but did go full devil on him. Barnes ended up being institutionalized, but that was a couple years ago. Maybe revenge gave him a reason to gather his wits and go about creating some elaborate scheme to get back at Lucifer. I just like the idea, because in a way we are going back to the beginning. In the very first episode Amenadiel called Lucifer, “a mockery of everything divine.” Repeatedly cutting off his wings and failing to dispose of them seems to reaffirm this sentiment.

With the help of Dr. Linda, Amenadiel realizes that Lucifer is his test from his father. It looks like Lucifer is regressing a little in the upcoming episodes, so Amenadiel will really be put to the test. It is going to be fun to see Lucifer go back to his more devilish side. My favorite parts of the last couple episodes have been when Tom Ellis gets to flash his ‘crazy-eyes’. I know I mentioned it last week, but the old school trick of highlighting his eyes when he goes dark, is just the best. The only thing missing the past couple weeks is Maze (I know she was busy having a baby), but next week we get to see the first of the four stand-alone episodes that FOX ordered last year. We will get a little break from the Sinnerman intrigue, but I expect it to be amazing.

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