WNA talks to IFC’s Stan Against Evil at NYCC!

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When Nerds Attack was lucky to talk to IFC’s Stan Against Evil just before Season 2 drops on November 1st at NYCC. It was great catching up with them again, and discussing what is in store for everyone in Willard’s Mill, and what sort of things freak them out–and or maybe not freak them out at all! Check out the videos below and don’t forget to tune in 11/01!

John C. McGinley (Stan)

John discusses what’s in store for Stan and Willards Mill for season 2, why he doesn’t do his own stunts anymore, and what movie truly freaked him out as a kid!

Janet Varney (Evie Barret)

Janet Varney discusses what’s in store for Evie in season 2, how she finally avoided getting covered in gore, and how Evie and Stan’s friendship will face some trials due to choices Stan makes.

Dana Gould (Showrunner)

Dana Gould discusses season 2 of IFC’s Stan Against Evil, what movies he’d like to pay homage to in future seasons, and what it was like to step in front of the camera for a few episodes.

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