Get your Fandom-on and try neat treats at #Fandomfest @ #NYCC!

Geek Fun, New York Comic Con '17, nycc '17

FANDOM has returned to NYCC (Booth #274). Along with a printed-on-demand shirt station and a video game area (sponsored by Hulu’s “Future Man”), the great people at Fandom brought back the Fantasy Food Truck with four new food/drink items to try. I was lucky enough to try them–and if you’re interested, read my reviews, and get in line tomorrow and Sunday and choose your favorite!

First up is Porg in a Blanket, which is a small cake-pop on a marshmallow. I really enjoyed it, and like the Porgs themselves, it’s super cute!

Then comes the Upside Down Waffle,  from Stranger Things which is basically a small cookie in the shape of a waffle with some marshmallow fluff and some sweet fruit-flavored jelly. Personally, this wasn’t my favorite, as it seemed a bit soggy, but the flavor was good!

Then we have the Lucille Bat Pretzel, based on The Walking Dead. This was a pretzel rod covered in caramel and other tasty bits–and this was my personal favorite. A perfect mixture of sweet and salty!

As for the Pickle Rick Soda, from Rick and Morty? ….yeah I haven’t tried it yet! But I think it has to make a nice surprise, right? It comes with pickles, right inside!

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