The Devil We Love Has Returned!!!! #Lucifer S3E1: They’re Back, Aren’t They?

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Lucifer: They’re Back, Aren’t They?

Original air date: October 2nd, 2017

Warning: Spoilers


Last season ended with Lucifer in the middle of the desert with his wings. Lucifer believes his Dad is behind their reappearance, which I sure he did, because who else could do it? Really, it seems to be a very specialized skill. Why, seems to be a big question—I doubt God did it because He was bored. To me a bigger question is how did the kidnappers knock Lucifer out?  I suppose it could be as simple as Decker being close by, but maybe something more sinister is afoot?

By the end of the episode we know the fake kidnappers-for-hire team “snaatched”, were the ones hired to grab Lucifer. The appearance of Lucifer’s wings made the kidnapper freak out and leave Lucifer in the desert with another abductee (the one that didn’t survive and prompted the investigation). Lucifer’s kidnapping was paid for by The Sinnerman, a powerful criminal boss. (And maybe something more?)

The Sinnerman may turn out to be just some normal human baddie, maybe with ties to Charlotte (as we know her clientele is always on the up and up)– or maybe The Sinnerman is more of the non-human variety—we’ve had one escapee from Hell, maybe Lucifer’s mom had a travelling companion. I’m sure time will reveal all, I just need to have some faith.

Here’s a fun fact, (since I took the time to Google it, I’ll share) it seems if someone posts your bail, you’re out of there. Jail has limited space and they aren’t going to let you stay. I was curious because if I was Sam (well the Sam in the show), I would be like, “nope”. He had to know it was The Sinnerman that came to get him. Maybe he should’ve committed another crime on the way out, punch a cop or something (not that I condone violence towards law enforcement), then maybe he would have lived a little longer.

Now during the episode, Lucifer tried to show his Devil Face to Decker, but it failed to appear. I’m curious to see if it still appears when he isn’t around Decker. He’s only mortal when he is around her so maybe it is tied to his mortality in some way? I know the wings returning (even we he cut them off again) are throwing Lucifer for a loop, but I would think he will test this further—I’m trying to remember, did he ever show his face to someone when she was near? I guess, I’ll have to rewatch episodes (oh, darn).

What I’m very excited to talk about is the newest addition to the cast—Tom Welling! Welling (as Marcus Pierce) is the new boss in town to Decker and Espinoza. This is already shaking up the dynamics of the group and I can’t wait to see more.  At first, I’m sure he will be the source of ire for both Lucifer and Espinoza, but the one thing this show always does well is taking the expected and turning it on its head—so I’m curious to see how this character and his relationships with the others evolves. Right now, I’m glad to see him back on television and I’m super stoked he is on a show that I happen to love.

I didn’t realize how much I had been missing this show until I started watching it again. This is such a great ensemble and I love the characters. I also love how the show is filmed. The use of light, especially the backlighting on Tom Ellis as he is being his Devil-est, works so well. Also, it’s nice to have them filming back in LA, they always did a great job making Vancouver look like LA—but the fact it looked like it actually rained there, totally gave it away.

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