Teen Wolf S6E20, Review – The Wolves of War

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It’s difficult to tie a series up after seven years of storytelling. While I wasn’t satisfied with the end, I think they did a great job finishing Scott’s story.

We open up with Scott telling his story to a young Omega on the run from Hunters. Aided by Chris, they swoop in to take care of the those after him and drive him to safety. It’s not clear how far into the future this takes place, as everyone is relatively young, but we can assume that the Anuk-Ite has been defeated.

The scene shifts to where we left off; Deucalion’s shot with Monroe’s Hunters advancing on Scott and his pack. Scott’s only way out is Stiles and Derek coming onto the scene to scare them off. The reunion between Derek and Scott is bittersweet, a stark contrast to their first meeting. Their relationship has grown so much that Derek only returned to Beacon Hills to help Scott. He’s ready to fight alongside his pack.

Their arrival changes the atmosphere for the better. Peter, Malia, and Scott seem more optimistic with Derek and Stiles back on the scene. Together, they converge at the vet clinic to catch each other up on what has been going on. Surprisingly, Derek and Stiles’ relationship has grown as well. They’re willing to help each other in a tight spot, as they seemingly met up trying to rescue each other. It’s the support Scott has needed to step up and defeat the Anuk-Ite.

Together, they come up with a simple plan: split up the pack to attack the Anuk-Ite and save Jackson from Gerard. There is no mention of what Liam, Mason, and Cory are fighting as their sole focus is on the supernatural threat. I would have liked to see a connection there, rather than rush through the plot to tie it up. It would have been a fun scene for the characters to come together to fight the Hunters and Anuk-Ite in one final battle.

Each character has their time to shine before the end draws to a close. We’re given the greatest gift of character growth for Jackson who has a beautiful reunion with Lydia. They even address Jackson coming out to Lydia and Stiles who handle it quite well. They’re happy for him; for someone who was so tortured, he’s finally finding peace.

Not every scene was a fun wrap up– take the final confrontation with the Anuk-Ite. Malia, Peter, and Derek are forced to face their fears as they come face to face with the monster. It easily tricks them into opening their eyes by merely speaking as a loved one. While we do not see Malia and Peter’s fear, Derek is a different case. He’s in a classroom with Scott, helping him burn the yellow wolfsbane that had been shot to weaken him. Then he hears it: Jennifer’s voice calling out to him. Troubled, Derek knows what it is but still follows it to the Anuk-Ite (in Jennifer’s form). The interaction between Derek and Jennifer is uncomfortable as she forces Derek to touch her. He can’t resist but open his eyes and fall prey to the Anuk-Ite as well, leading to more questions as to why she’d be his biggest fear.

Scott’s fear makes sense– it’s the Nogitsune. It represents Allison’s death, and how he almost lost Stiles. In an extreme act, he decides to defy his fear and claw his eyes out to fight the Anuk-Ite. He can easily hold his own, and with Stiles help, they defeat it with mountain ash. I’m not going to begin to try and understand why this defeats the Anuk-Ite, but it does. Once destroyed, everyone comes alive again from turning into stone. No one is lost in battle, nor seriously injured. Scott only heals after Malia kisses him… and I have to question why a blindfold wouldn’t have worked just as well.

Back to the present, the series wraps up with Scott welcoming the Omega into his pack and walking off together with those who stood by him. Monroe is still out there, but Gerard was killed by Kate, and will no longer be the mastermind behind her antics. We’re not clear what the future holds, but Scott has finally accepted his role as a leader.

While individual scenes were enjoyable, the wrap up on the Anuk-Ite was messy and frustrating. I had hoped we’d get more character closure, but that wasn’t the case. It’s not the worst series ending I’ve seen, but I’m thirsty for a final story.

Teen Wolf has introduced me to some of my best friends. Without it, I wouldn’t have met Lindsey (our owner here), who is one of my closest friends. It’s brought me a lot of joy, and I appreciate everyone who has had a hand in bringing this story to life. Thank you for seven years!

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