The SciFi Pubcast – Episode 8

On the Menu: The Best Deaths in Science Fiction! Direct Download Click Here. Welcome to the SciFi Pubcast! Come for a drink but stay for the speculation. It’s our Hallowe’en […]

When Nerds Attack Episode 2

On this episode we discuss the upcoming Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. Several guest have been announced as well as the Black Eyed Peas performing. Animal Crossing is coming […]

The Flash S4E3, Review – Luck Be a Lady

The search for Metahumans continues as the team is hit with an onslaught of bad luck. It’s not just the universe conjuring the bad vibes; it happens to be a […]

The Walking Dead 801 “Mercy”

 It’s finally here! The “All Out War” season 8 of The Walking Dead came in with a bang! When last we left the series, the communities had banded together in […]

WNA talks to cast of Gotham at NYCC ’17!

[Note: Due to some technical difficulties, these videos are up later than I intended. I apologize.] WNA was lucky enough to interview the cast and producer of FOX’s Gotham at NYCC, […]

The Flash S4E2, Review – Mixed Signals

I’ve always looked at the Flash as more of a comedic hero than a stoic one. Last season was mostly depressing due to Barry’s time travel blunders, but thankfully that […]