Teen Wolf S6E18 & 19, Review – Genotype & Broken Glass

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The end draws ever closer as we are hit with two episodes this week. Scott’s focus switches from fighting the Hunters, to fighting what is believed to be the root of the problem: the Anuk-Ite. I think the source of the problem is Gerard, but taking care of a supernatural problem should take priority.

Scott splits his pack up to tackle the Anuke-Ite, with the goal of preventing it from finding its other half. We know Aaron is one-half, and a werewolf is the other, but who? The search brings Scott and Liam to Mrs. Finch, the teacher who stood by while the wannabe Hunters attacked Liam. She’s not the other half, but she knows who is, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. The two know she’s a wolf, but can’t confirm it even with various tests. Her denial is so strong they can’t even pick up on her scent, and more impressively, tests like wolfsbane powder have little effect on her. It’s only when Scott reveals the phone they found on the body earlier, does she begin to unravel. After Beacon Hills started to take a turn for a worst, she begged her daughter to hide who she was. Quinn did hide, but it didn’t seem enough as the Anuke-Ite found her.

We’ve met Quinn once before, the night in the police station when the Hunters ramped up their control on Beacon Hills. It makes sense why the scene was so charged. Mrs. Finch doesn’t believe her daughter is this monster, even as she’s attacked and left for dead. It’s incredibly bad timing; unbeknownst tothem, Aaron is closer than they think. Mason and Theo have been tracking him underground, and the closer they get to him the more unnerved Mason becomes. A confrontation erupts between them and Aaron, and luckily they survive. It’s only because Aaron ditches them once he feels the pull of his other half.

Quinn feels the same pull, and the two meet in the library to finally merge. Despite Liam’s attempt to 

prevent them from coming together, they embrace to create one fearsome monster. Before Liam can run head first into another attack, Lydia arrives to drag Liam out of the school. She had been on her own mission with Malia at the hospital, trying to reach out to the Hellhound Halwyn. He wasn’t as dead as we were lead to believe– a quick MRI pulls the bullet from his head which allows him to wake up.

I wish Malia and Lydia had more scenes as they balance each other well. Their detective work is playful and reminiscent of earlier seasons. The tone changes when Halwyn finally awakens, as he begins to die fairly quickly. While the bullet was removed, silver fragments seep into his brain until he dies. His words of warning are to not let the Anuk-Ite merge, and if it does, do not look into its eyes.

With the Anuk-Ite whole, I imagine just about everyone will be looking into its eyes. We see the start of it, with a group of Hunters called to the school by Scott’s presence. They are the first turned to stone, telling us this myth is now more of a reality. I should have seen this coming– Gerard is excited about the Anuk-Ite’s merge! So much so, he hunts it down to strike a deal with it. He’ll weaken Scott so the Anuk-Ite can kill him; it’d allow Gerard to rid the world of supernatural creatures easier without Scott in the way. Being a creature that feeds off destruction, it would be a fool to say no to such a deal and quickly agrees to help. I find it interesting that Gerard admits to how strong Scott is. I can only wonder how far his planning goes. From the looks of it, everything is falling into place for him.


The Anuk-Ite seems content to be present during a Hunter rally. Fear and anger are escalated tenfold, leaving Ethan to be tortured for their pleasure. One interesting reaction comes from Nolan, who seems horrified with how far the movement has come.

With anger in the air, Scott’s pack awakens in the middle of the night with a collective feeling of overwhelming, impending doom. Scott and Malia seek out Deucalion for a lesson on how to fight blind, as they know there is no other way to take down the Anuk-Ite. It’s one of the best scenes this season, and I would love more of Deucalion teaching teenagers to use their powers. Scott and Malia fail miserably at taking instruction, though, not giving much hope to defeating this monster.

Smartly, the Hunters knocked out cell phone towers, making it impossible for anyone to make contact with each other. In a panic, Lydia makes her way to Scott’s house to try and make sense of what is going on. Instead, she finds Peter, who is unusually helpful and concerned for her. While they search for Scott and Malia, Lydia reveals what has her so rattled. She’s been having visions of everyone turning into stone, and awoke to find herself asking, “Where is Jackson?” I admit, I completely forgot Jackson was back, and with no word on where he is I’m not sure if he’s still alive.

While Beacon Hills descends into chaos, Chris seeks out Derek for help. He stumbles onto him in Brazil after Derek takes down a group of Hunters focused on killing wolves. Seeing the former Alpha back in action is everything I could hope for. He’s grown off-screen and isn’t a complete asshole to Chris when he’s asked to return. Derek has his own agenda: destroy a potent concoction of wolfsbane and be on his way.

If only it were so easy. Kate steps in to take them both down and steal the Wolfsbane for Gerard. They’re going to make it into a bullet and weaken him, which will just be another blow to him. I’m not sure exactly what Kate believes, but I doubt she’s going to survive when Gerard made it explicitly clear that all supernatural creatures will be killed.

The future’s not looking bright for Beacon Hills. Gerard has everything planned out, and even if the Hunters don’t trust him, they continue to follow blindly. Even Nolan’s betrayal was expected– they used him to lure Scott’s pack to the hospital. The teen had shown Liam the bodies of three supernaturals in the hospital, who then contacts the rest of his pack in fear. A change of heart too late, as all it gets Nolan, in the end, is a beat down courtesy of Gabe.

Events only get worse from there. While Lydia and Peter locate Scott, Malia, and Deucalion to warn them of an upcoming attack, Monroe pulls up to take advantage of them being out in the open. Her group of Hunters unloads most of their bullets into Deucalion before he hits the ground, leaving everyone scrambling for cover.

Where can we go from here? With the series set to wrap up next week, Scott is in the same position he frequently finds himself in. I can only hope his pack doesn’t suffer massive casualties.

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