#AHSCult is Pitting Neighbor vs. Neighbor. #AmericanHorrorStory S7E3 Review: Neighbors From Hell

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American Horror Story: Neighbors From Hell

Original air date: September 19th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Yep, just as suspected, the death of Pedro was no big deal– Ally isn’t in trouble at all. Detective Jack Samuels (Colton Haynes) is part of Kai’s cult so maybe some covering up took place. The only backlash came from some protesters outside Ally and Ivy’s restaurant. The protesters look to be underlings of Kai’s as well, since as soon as he said stop, they did. He is doing this to sway Ally into thinking he’s the good guy, as he keeps coming to her rescue. My guess is next he will offer Ally “protection” once Ivy is out of the picture.

I think even with the murder of Meadow Wilton, Ivy is going to take Oz and leave. I think that will be best for Oz—I mean he’s already been through a lot. The microwaved Mr. Guinea was just the tip of his trauma iceberg. Now, I’m not a parent and I know kids are wily—but could they maybe keep a better eye on him? Oz just keeps wandering into murder scenes and other traumatic situations– maybe keep him inside or keep him at their side? Also, maybe make passwords a little harder to crack. Though I am sure if it hadn’t been Oz that found the video, Winter would have made it pop up some other way.

Even if Ivy does decide to stay, I think the rift between her and Ally is going to continue to grow. To break Ally, she needs to be completely isolated—it’s going to happen, the question is how? The chemical truck showing up each night to spray their lawn I think was meant to mess with Ally, obviously, but I think it was also because Ivy was home. They don’t want her to know the clowns are real. I would bet that next week Ivy will get a ‘logical’ explanation of what the truck was doing in their neighborhood—probably from Detective Samuels.

So, we know that Detective Samuels, Meadow, and Harrison Wilton are part of Kai’s crew. I think through simple deduction we can assume Dr. Vincent is also involved. Not only is Ally being terrorized by her specific phobias, but look at his other patient from the beginning of the episode. It can’t be a coincidence that the clowns killed her and her husband by trapping them in coffins when she was just overcoming her fear of coffins. I question what role Dr. Vincent plays—is he a clown doing Kai’s bidding, or is he maybe the mastermind behind it all? So far, we assume Kai is the ringleader—but this is AHS– sometimes things aren’t that straightforward.

So, we have seen 6 clowns (plus Twisty); I believe they may be Detective Samuels, the Wiltons, Kai, Winter, and Dr. Vincent… but how many are in this cult? The protesters, are they in it? Will it turn out Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) is in their ranks? If the cult is bigger than six or seven people—how long has it been growing? If Kai is the mastermind behind it all, has he just been gathering people since election night, or does this go farther back? Also, what is their endgame?Meadow is now dead– was she a willing sacrifice or did Kai like Harrison better and figure he’d help out while working it to his advantage? With Meadow gone, are we going to see one less clown? I wonder who actually killed her? I don’t know… if I was creating a cult would I want to sacrifice any of my people? I feel like numbers are important here, but then again maybe Meadow was having her doubts about everything, and needed to be eliminated. My biggest fear is being left in the dark, so I hope we learn quickly what is really going on.


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