It Takes a Village to Defeat a Demon. #MidnightTexas S1E10 Review: The Virgin Sacrifice.

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Midnight, Texas: The Virgin Sacrifice

Original air date: September 18th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Virgin Sacrifice” — Pictured: (l-r) Yul Vázquez as Rev. Sheehan, Francois Arnaud as Manfred, Sarah Ramos as Creek, Jason Lewis as Joe, Arielle Kebbel as Olivia, Peter Mensah as Lemuel, Dylan Bruce as Bobo — (Photo by: NBC)

We have reached the end of the season. Overall, I think this was a strong first season and want to see a second season. I love the cast, I love its diversity, and I love that at the heart of the show is a group of people that care for each other. It doesn’t hurt that it is full of supernatural creatures and fun special effects. Which I will say– I thought the special effects throughout the season were pretty darn good.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Virgin Sacrifice” — Pictured: Francois Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: NBC)

I will admit I had some small issues (at times) with the final episode, but nothing too serious. It had more to do with me and my impatience. Sometimes the knowledge learned from the books isn’t known to the characters and I forget that. At first I was flabbergasted that Olivia didn’t just call Lem and say, “Hey, I’m injured. I need some blood,” but then it was explained she didn’t know about the healing qualities of vampire blood, and her actions made a lot more sense.

Last week I compared the outing of Fiji’s virginity on the show to the book. I’m comparing the two again—in this case I liked how Fiji’s ‘sacrifice’ was made more private in the show. In the book, her loss of virginity was more closely tied to keeping Colconnar imprisoned. By taking that aspect away, Manfred was brought more into the action (his powers aren’t quite the same in the book) and he was the one to square off against Colconnar. He had some help from Lem and Joe, but really it was up to him.

The showdown was fun to watch– it is what the season had been leading up to. Manfred was the key to this whole season, but the show is about all the residents of Midnight. Had this been a series finale I would have liked to see the whole town involved, each using their particular talents to defeat the big bad.  As it is, I hoping we have future seasons in which this could happen.

I loved how the episode ended—with the construction beginning on the hotel. That scene came straight from the book—the big trucks, the residents on Midnight coming out of their homes, gathering to see what was going on, and knowing that a “revitalization” was the last thing they needed. This sets up a season two perfectly. We finished the story of this season: Colconnar was defeated and the Veil is closed. There appears to be some residual side-effects to Manfred, like bleeding from the ears (that can’t be good), so maybe a demon is still lurking around inside him?

I think that would be a real shame if there wasn’t another season. Now for those of you that have read books, you know that aspects of all three were addressed in just this one season, but I feel there is still plenty that’s been left untouched– there are still stories to tell about Midnight. There are characters we haven’t met, and the ones we have—well they are just so great. I just want to see more. The residents of Midnight have become welcomed neighbors and I want to get to visit them weekly. For those that haven’t read the books, they are wonderful, and watching the TV series won’t ruin the books; just as reading the books gave me some clue as to what would happen in the series, but there were still plenty of surprises.

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