Teen Wolf S6E16, Review – Werewolves of London

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 With one of the best openings Teen Wolf has had in a long time, we’re thrown right into Jackson and Ethan’s life. The two are dating and make not only the perfect couple but perfect badass fighting pair.

Gerard’s reach doesn’t stop at Beacon Hills– with Jackson and Ethan targeted in London, we have confirmation this is a worldwide attack set to eliminate all supernatural creatures. It’s an ambitious goal, especially when amateur Hunters are in charge of carrying it out. Both wolves are experienced fighters, teaming up together to overpower the two Hunters with minimal damage to themselves. Having Jackson back is a pang to my heart; he’s come so far and doesn’t seem as selfish as he once was. It’s a brief peek into their lives, but enough to see both of them have grown.

The two return to Beacon Hills in search of Scott, completely unaware the hell the town has become. They’re welcomed by Monroe who immediately ties them up and tortures them. Their fate is left unknown; we’re not even sure Scott is aware they’re in town. He’s a little preoccupied with his mom’s recovery.

No one made it out of the mass shooting unscathed. While Scott and Malia can heal, Melissa, Chris, Rafael, Mason, and Lydia were all injured. They’re alive, but their injuries vary from stable to severe. Melissa is the one facing serious injuries. Seeing Scott wait through his mom’s surgery was rough. He could hear everything going on, and even though Melissa will heal, she looks like things can still turn south. Seeing his mom close to death is still not enough to push Scott into killing Gerard, and that’s a problem.

Scott feels his only option is to reach out to every connection he can and create a small army of his own. Instead of reaching out to Derek, or someone else helpful, he turns to Deucalion and Peter. Deucalion chooses to keep out of the fight, but provide guidance due to his morals. While Scott seems to have a profound effect on him, this is neither the time nor place to abstain from killing. He speaks to Scott’s excellent abilities, but we’ve yet to see him do anything extraordinary. I hope that’ll change soon, cause right now Scott has nothing of leverage against Gerard.

Then there’s Peter. I have no idea how he’s still alive, but I guess taking advantage of someone who kills indiscriminately is a good reason to keep him around. He only agreed to meet to see if he could gain some semblance of a relationship with Malia, but forcing Scott into a hole to kill is not the way to her heart. While we assume he’s a no as well, he later returns burnt and pissed. The Hunters tried to kill him, and he’s ready to get revenge for his lost cars.

However, it’s when Malia sits with him do we see his mask begin to slip. She tried to show him Anuk-Ite’s powerful hold on the Hunters, but he gathered more from a peak inside of her mind than just the Anuk-Ite. He could feel how much she loves Scott and is compelled to help. I was surprised at his vulnerability with Malia; was he reminded of his time with her mother? He may not be able to remember the Desert Wolf at all, but to be driven by love seems out of the ordinary for Peter.

While Scott takes care of his growing army, Liam and Theo are searching the school for who shotup the McCall house. There is little information to go on, and Mason being injured has thrown Liam’s control out of the window. Liam’s rough interrogation gathers little information, but they are led to bodies being kept in a cooler. Their eyes look like they were scooped out with spoons, a sign of the Anuk-Ite’s work.

We know the Anuk-Ite is looking for its other half and is using the Hunter’s test at the high school to find out who it could be. It quickly becomes apparent that Aaron is the one leading the test, but who is its other face? Clues lead us to believe it will be a werewolf belonging to a local pack that lives on the outskirts of the town. I don’t think we’ve met them just yet, as Scott pointed out they will be marked with the pack’s symbol.

The shooting at the McCall house represents a turning point in the Hunter’s control of Beacon Hills. While no one was lost, Monroe’s meeting with the Sheriff proves he no longer has any power over the police station. Essentially kicked out, the Sheriff’s departure seems to confirm Beacon Hills is now completely under Gerard’s control.

This episode wasn’t as oppressively depressing as the past few have been, and we are finally getting somewhere with the plot. I’m more confused than ever Monroe’s stakes in this race. She admittedly doesn’t trust Gerard, but only sticks with him because she’s impressed by his resolve? I thought she’d be a redeemable character, but she seems as corrupted as Gerard and deserves the same fate as him.

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