#AHSCult is Bringing in the Clowns. #AmericanHorrorStory S7E2 Review: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

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American Horror Story: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Original air date: September 12th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

My biggest question right now is why? What made Kia Anderson decide to single-out the Mayfair-Richards family? I assume Kai is behind all that is going on, since it is his sister working for them—and might I say Billie Lourd is doing a great job being the creepiest nanny ever. His friends (or followers) that filmed his attack are the ones that moved in across the way and Kai, himself, keeps antagonizing Ally. So, again, why? Is it simply because they happened to lesbians and friends with Council-member Chang? Or were all of them singled out prior to Kai’s perceived embarrassment at the City Council meeting?

This was a rough episode for Ally. She was already on edge about the clowns, then she finds the dead body (well, mostly dead at the time) of Roger, then the power went out and she was alone with Oz– and now she shot Pedro. I knew as soon as Ivy sent him to the house, he was a goner. I don’t know what Ally is going to do– put more bars on the windows?

What I think will happen is… well nothing. Ally isn’t going to be prosecuted. She is a white female that was alone. Pedro was already questioned about Roger’s death and happens to be of Latino descent. The third strike against him, he was lurking outside their house. Sure, it was at Ivy’s command, but I think Ally is going to be so afraid of being locked away, she is going to be complacent.

She already took the gun from the neighbors and chided Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) about his, “knee-jerk liberal reaction” when she told him. So, to go along with a story, painting Pedro as a bad guy isn’t too farfetched. Fear is corrupting her principles, which I think is the point—Kai is fueling her fears and he will keep doing so until she is just like him. I predict that she will eventually become his most devoted disciple.

What is frustrating to me is the damn clowns. (Props to Costume and Makeup Departments—those are some freaky-ass looking clowns.) I assume the clowns are real, which leads to a bunch of logistical questions, but I will go with, ‘Winter is letting them in and giving them access to the house’. But is their presence also prompting Ally to imagine them at other times?

Chaz Bono’s character (Gary K. Longstreet)– is he one of the clowns? I’m leaning that way for two reasons—first he has a last name on IMDB (RIP Roger) and second, he said he didn’t see any clowns at the store when Ally was losing her shit. If he is part of this, then how long has Kai being planning this gaslighting scheme?

My favorite part of this episode was Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman (as Meadow and Harrison Wilton): they nailed being the creepy neighbors. They provided much-needed comedic moments of the episode, but still were sinister enough to be off-putting. I want to see more of them– I want to see them slyly manipulating the Ally. I also want to know how they became part of this.

Kai, Winter, and the Wiltons seem to know exactly what phobias Ally has, so it makes me question whether Dr. Vincent is in on it. I also want to know what “it” is. It could be that Kai is creating a cult, or maybe this is large scheme, a Truman Show-like social experiment. I want to figure this out, as I just am really at a loss as to where this season is heading. But I feel there must be more to it. I can’t see how a family being terrorized can carry a whole season. I’m sure we’ve seen clues as to what direction this season is heading, but I haven’t put them together. Besides the tie-in of Twisty the Clown from the Freak Show season of AHS, I keep looking for more to make this season relevant to the others. I feel like there could be tie-ins to Asylum, but we will see. I want to know more and hate that I must wait a week—and that is a good thing, I’m invested enough in the story I am impatient to learn more.

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