The End is Nigh…For Now #Preacher S2E13 Review: The End of the Road

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Preacher: The End of the Road

Original air date: September 11th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

I have a list of people (fictitious, mostly) that I want to punch in the face. Lara Featherstone is on the top of that list right now. She shot Tulip—and that is just plain rude. Tulip is dead (for now) and that is where the season leaves us.  If next season happens (likely, but no official word yet), then we might see her brought back to life by Grandma L’Angelle. If she does come back, Featherstone better run. Dammit, I wish they had just left for Bimini.

At the beginning of the episode, Jesse was at the top of my list when he killed the chicken. It makes me kind of a hypocrite, since I eat chicken almost daily and relish it, thinking of a chicken that did me wrong when I was younger (long story). The chicken looks to be alive and well, and served its purpose to show the matriarch of the L’Angelle clan has some powerful mojo.

Denis is no longer with us now, as Cassidy finally did what he had to do. I understand it was a hard decision for him, but to remain the ‘good’ vampire he is, he couldn’t have Denis tempting him to the dark side. Denis had no self-control whatsoever, but could he have learned? Or are there just some vampiric duds? I’m just happy that Banjo made it out alive. A chicken is one thing– a dog might have been my breaking point.

I will say the episode had me going for a moment with Hitler. I faltered briefly in my belief that Hitler (Hitler!) was a bad guy. But when he got on the boat I knew it was not a good thing. It worked out better for Eugene than I expected. I thought for sure Hitler would throw him under the bus to escape. So I’m glad Eugene is back in our world, but so is Hitler, and that can’t be good—but it could be hilarious. The world has changed since WWII; I think it would be great if Hitler thinks he can regain power, but can’t. I want it to be so bad for him that he misses Hell.

A big reveal in the finale is The Word is glitching on Jesse. It happened in the last episode, but I figured it was because The Saint of Killers had Jesse’s 1% of soul extracted. Jesse tried to use it on the Armenian terrorists, but it didn’t work– and it didn’t work on Tulip. So, what is happening?  Jesse has used The Word since he lost the 1% of his soul, but does that have something to do with it? Or is more of an emotional block situation?

When Jesse left Herr Starr to go to Tulip and Cassidy, Starr revealed that he possessed the missing part of Jesse’s soul. I’m sure Jesse is not going to forget that, and once he can talk to Cassidy and Tulip (I assume she will be back) then Starr and the Grail are going feel his wrath… that is if he can work out a way to leave Angelville. Everything has a cost, and bringing Tulip back is going to cost Jesse big time.

Now that the season has ended, I have some mixed feelings. Overall I think it out did itself from season one. However, I liked the conciseness of season one’s ending more. Maybe because it was an end. In season one, the town blew up and they were going on a road trip. Here, I feel like we are breaking in the middle of the story. I guess you could say this is The Empire Strikes Back of the series—which most think is the best one (I don’t because again, it isn’t a complete story) If we got one more season to finish the story great, but right now I feel unsatisfied. Overall, I loved this season, I just wanted a little more—like maybe one or two more episodes. I know how I’m feeling is the intended response and revenge is a dish best served cold, but I want Featherstone and Starr to get their comeuppance.

As for the last scene, God is in a hotel room, possibly still in New Orleans; there were beads, but there was also an Amazing Ganesh doll—does that mean we might have seen God previous to the Man-Dog costume? Here’s a fun fact, A Walk to the Peak is almost thirteen minutes long.

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