Teen Wolf S6E16, Review – Triggers

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While Scott and his pack have had a lot of dumb ideas, infiltrating Gerard’s armory is one of the dumbest.

The Hunters honestly don’t believe Scott and his pack have left Beacon Hills. Even if they had, they would still be out there hunting them. With eyes and ears open, the Hunters keep the teenagers on the ground for new information.

Nolan, who seems to grow more unstable by the day, is part of a group the roams the high school terrorizing students. They are targeting everyone, stabbing their hand to see how fast they heal. No one speaks up about this, accepting a rusty scalpel to cut right into their hand just to be left alone. Nolan is ready to prove himself after he lost credibility in Monroe’s eyes. Testing for supernatural abilities in the school means little to her, and he can’t seem to bring himself to kill. When he thinks he’s found a lead to Scott’s pack, he jumps at the chance to redeem himself.

Mason purposefully tips off Nolan and leads him to an abandoned zoo, where Liam and Theo hope to draw out the Hunters. They hope to lure out enough Hunters from Gerard’s armory so Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Chris and can get inside and blast it to the ground. Liam and Theo manage to convince the whole cavalry to come to the scene, but it was a trap.

Gerard was well aware of what was going on; he cleared his inventory and laid traps for Scott. They carelessly walked into them, cutting Scott and Malia off from Chris and Lydia. Chris knew something was off from the start, but with Scott so desperate to try and get the upper hand, Chris couldn’t convince him to pull away.

With Scott and Malia trapped together, the inevitable happens and their love blossoms rather quickly. It’s neither the time nor place for this to be happening and it felt awkward as the narrative switched to Liam’s breakdown at the zoo. Any in depth talk regarding their feelings about each other is cut off when they set off one of the traps and are blasted with Wolfsbane.

When the Hunters return to see their work, Chris and Lydia step forward to take them down to finally rescue Scott and Malia. They regroup with Melissa and Rafael at the McCall household to go over what they discovered. Rafael is at a loss to what is happening in Beacon Hills; he can’t tell his superiors that there are supernatural beings in town and they are being hunted. Gerard knows his hands are tied, which is why he’s armed every citizen of Beacon Hills with a gun to be part of his army.

As the team goes over a map taken from Gerard’s armory, the only item left behind, they realize it’s a global movement to eradicate all supernatural creatures. I fully believe this map being left was intentional, as his bunker was wiped clean of just about everything. The realization settles in for just a moment before red lasers appear in the house and the bullets begin to fly. Gerard’s army has shown up, ready to make their presence known.

As the air clears, we are only able to see Scott’s reaction as a bloody pool forms near him. It isn’t clear who has been injured, but my guess would be Melissa based on how horrified he looks.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Gerard is still running the show. Up until now, he has been supportive and fatherly towards Monroe, but once she realized he had made plans without her, his demeanor changed. She can’t anticipate what he’s doing because she’s a part of his plan, he’s the one moving the pieces. With Gerard out of control and the threat that escaped the Wild Hunt still on the loose, I’m sure we’ll start to see more bodies fall.

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