The Best Laid Plans of Angels and Demons…Need Some Work #MidnightTexas Review S1E6: Angel Heart

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Midnight, Texas: Angel Heart

Original air date: September 4th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

In the aftermath of last week’s episode, the town of Midnight has been irrevocably altered. Midnighters have grown accustomed to dealing with supernatural threats, but after finding out one of their own was a killer, the heart of Midnight has been broken. This week’s episode takes place only a couple days after Connor’s death. There’s been little time to grieve or process the situation when Bowie (the Angel, not the musician) comes looking to kill Joe.

Joe knew that using his Light to save Creek would put a bullseye on his back, so his old mentor coming to Midnight was not unexpected. Knowing that you would be most likely be hunted down, you would think Joe would have a plan. Well I should say a good plan; his plan was to sit around, hope for the best, and then hide.  Somewhere along the line between becoming ‘fallen’ and now, he and Chuy could have come up with a way to deal with angel threats!  

At least Chuy came back (yay), but it looks like he is leaving again (boo). We find out he is a demon—well half-demon from his father’s side. It was his demon-ness that ended up saving the day, as Manfred’s plan to send Bowie to Hell didn’t work and the only thing that can kill an angel is another angel or demon. Here is where I had a little problem with the episode: Chuy killed Bowie just like that, but Bowie was supposed to be older and stronger than Joe; she was supposed to be this mighty demon slayer. She didn’t even put up a fight—it seemed too easy.

Had the episode tweaked the action a little, if we saw Joe battling Bowie, and then Chuy come in for a sneak attack, taking her off guard and going for the kill, it would be more plausible. Or seeing Joe and Chuy fight together as angel and demon to take down Bowie together– that would’ve been epic and a great way to show the strength of their relationship.  As it was, Bowie was dealt with swiftly, and then we had to see everyone run from demon Chuy, only for Joe to talk him down and Chuy to morph back to human.

Again, this felt a little off.  Joe mentioned the last time Chuy demoned-out, it took him three years to bring him back– so yay, it only took three minutes this time– but the whole reason Joe and Chuy didn’t want to have Chuy kill Bowie was because it was so dangerous. This time Chuy killed Bowie, but for the rest of the Midnighters he was just popping out scaring them like an actor at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights.

In this episode, Joe told Manfred he is the one that will lead the army in closing the veil permanently. Manfred liked this idea for all of two seconds, but then Bowie played on his doubts, revealing thoughts Creek had about him. It’s exactly what Joe said she would do, but Manfred took it to heart.

To top it off, Creek dumped Manfred. Creek wants to be on her own to figure out who she is.  So of course, Manfred is running away. But, with only three episodes left and the show being called Midnight, Texas—I have a feeling he will be back.  I still love this show, and I have high hopes for it. This just wasn’t my favorite episode and that’s okay. I think back to another NBC show that I loved, Grimm; there were the occasional episodes that didn’t seem to fully work, but overall, it was amazing. Looking at the season of Midnight, Texas thus far it’s been great, and I’m super excited for two episodes next week!

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