I Doubt Jesse’s Prayers are Going to be Answered Soon. #Preacher S2E11 Review: Backdoors

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Preacher: Backdoors
Original air date: August 29th, 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Preacher dropped the F-bomb and it might have been the greatest moment of television in a while. Interspersed through the show we get to see how things are going for Eugene in Hell. I can’t say I trust Hitler at all, this is Adolf Fucking Hitler I’m talking about, but Eugene really doesn’t have much of a choice—because I do think he was telling the truth when he said no one was going to be released from Hell. I just keep anticipating a double-cross.

Now, I have an interesting side note—there is an article The Plum Cake, by John Weir (not the ice skater), on the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust website. It explains circular logic with the example of the plum cake in Through the Looking Glass. Alice must distribute the cake before she can cut it. His article talks about there being no evidence that Hitler gave orders to kill Jews, but because they were, people believe there must have been an order. He thinks that this logic is flawed. I want to point out just because an official order can’t be found now, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist then—just saying.  Why I bring this up is I wonder if I’m not the only person to stumble on this article (I googled ‘plum cake’ and ‘Hitler’ after the episode) and if this was a backdoor, sneaky F-you to those that question whether Hitler was that bad of a guy, then props to the writer, Sara Goodman.

After Tulip probably confronted Jesse about The Saint of Killers, Jesse had the armored car pulled out of the swamp. Unfortunately for Jesse, the Grail got there first. They made it look like TSoK escaped, but they had him on standby if Jesse didn’t do what Herr Starr wanted. Well, Jesse didn’t take Herr Starr up on his offer to become the new authority, and TSoK is out of his prison. We can hope his weapons made it to Brazil, but somehow, I doubt it.

Jesse’s half-truths to Tulip and Cassidy have effectively driven them apart. I’m sure it won’t be permanently; she already seemed to be less mad. If they can truly get rid of TSoK, that would go a long way to fixing their relationship. Cassidy is still bitter that Jesse didn’t use the Word on Denis, Jesse really needs to explain to Cassidy why he wouldn’t—I would assume like Tracy, when he ordered her to wake up, it wouldn’t end well. I’m pretty sure that ordering Denis not to die is how a zombie outbreak would start. That is working under the assumption that is what Cassidy was asking for—he never said it outright– maybe he just wanted Jesse to ensure Denis got to Heaven. If he could send Eugene to Hell, then the reverse should be very doable. Again, communicate people!

In flashbacks and listening to Jesse’s prayers, we learn more about what a messed-up family he came from. His Grandma (mother’s side) kept him in a coffin, under water, in a swamp, until he acquiesced to taking the L’Angell name. I thought his family might make more of an appearance this season, but I could see a cliffhanger for the season with his Grandma showing up. Jesse may have run away from that side of the family, but he takes after them—he did drop TSoK in a swamp as soon as he could.

Herr Starr is not too pleased with Jesse– if I was him, I would have taken TSoK, removed Jesse’s soul and then set him loose. That way if TSoK didn’t kill Jesse, I would still have part of his soul as leverage. I do wonder if the Grail also works with Hell; Ms. Mannering received a call from New Orleans about TSoK, was it from the Grail, or someone else?

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