Whoa, Baby that Was Some Season Finale! #WynonnaEarp S2E12 Review: I Hope You Dance

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Wynonna Earp: I Hope You Dance
Original air date: August 25th, 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Boy, oh boy has this been a whirlwind season for Wynonna Earp. Now that the season finale has aired, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a group of friends that I won’t see for a year. This might be the best episode to date. It was beautiful, emotional, and truly great television. The finale answered many of the questions we had, and gave us a peek at where season three will probably head.

By the end of the episode we saw little Alice Michelle Earp birthed and swept away to safety by Perry with Aunt Gus waiting to take her to an undisclosed location. I had hoped Wynonna would keep the baby, because I thought that would be an interesting story to see. However, I understand that a baby Earp heir would be in constant danger; Wynonna made a tough, heartbreaking choice that gave her child the best chance she could possibly have.

Having Alice taken away also answers the questions of if Waverly and the baby were part Revenant. Both could leave without bursting into flames, so they’re all human. Doc is the father of baby Alice and straight from Bobo’s mouth, Waverly is “kin,” not his daughter. Waverly’s reveal about her DNA wasn’t a surprise to Wynonna and it didn’t change a single thing, they are family—no matter what. Even Peacemaker worked for Waverly briefly, when she shot at Rosita.

Waverly missed, so Rosita is alive, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I have been pro-Rosita since the beginning– I didn’t even care she was a Revenant, I stuck up for her. I think I felt more betrayed by her than the Earps did. I cannot forgive her for trying to steal baby Alice. That is totally not cool. If I were Wynonna, I think I would move her to top of the kill list.
There is still the question of Waverly’s true lineage, but with Mama Earp surfacing, I think we will get the answer in season three. Speaking of Mama Earp, so has she just has been hanging around nearby waiting for Bulshar (Clootie) to awaken? What does Mama Earp know about him, and does she have ties to the cult?

The file Haught was looking at mentioned the Cult of Bulshar. With him awoken, I imagine the cult will rise and they (and Bulshar) will be the big bad for season three. I know Wynonna always was motivated to end the Earp curse. I think now that she is a mother, the need to end it has been multiplied exponentially.  I feel this applies to Doc as well, now that he is a father and mortal.

When Doc died, he didn’t get to see the pearly gates, but he went the other way. So yeah, he hasn’t always been the greatest guy and we saw a glimpse of how he evil he’d be without Wynonna; but that isn’t to say he can’t change his final destination. I think the longer he is with Wynonna the better person he becomes—I think the same could be said about her. Oh my God—how he and Wynonna killed the Widows—I loved it. That was just such a great scene.

This finale was full of some amazing moments, but one of my favorites was Dolls barbecuing the Order. I’ve wanted to smack Ewan since he first showed up. I cheered– the jerks were going to steal Alice– but   two thoughts keep going through my mind. First, love the irony of them getting burned up since they are firefighters. Second, they were the town’s firefighters–like all of them. I hope no one’s house burns down in the meantime, it’s going to take a while to hire a whole department.

This was a great season. I think it just keeps getting better, and the love that goes into making this show really shines through. I will be binge watching it over again for sure. Finally, this is just a little thing—but I have been hoping Mercedes would get her face back since she lost it. Now that the Widows are dead, is her face gone or will it magically return? I just hate the thought of her alone in the hospital bed without a face.

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