Nothing Stays Buried for Long in #MidnightTexas Review S1E5: Unearthed

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Midnight, Texas: Unearthed
Original air date: August 21st, 2017
Warning: Spoilers

This episode dug up the past of two key players in Midnight, ending some storylines as well as unearthing some new developments. Of course, this week’s episode drove Fiji and Bobo apart, the one thing I didn’t want to happen. I get Fiji was upset about getting kidnapped and almost dying—but I don’t think Bobo should be held accountable for the actions of his family or the Sons of Lucifer. I think leaving, breaking ties and stealing their weapons cache (so it couldn’t be used) should be proof that he is not like them. Also, it’s not an easy thing to discuss– I get why Bobo didn’t tell anyone.

Maybe it is more about Bobo killing Lowry that has Fiji questioning Bobo’s true nature; but in that case, it was self-defense! Had he not, Lowry would have for sure killed Bobo. Both thought the other killed Aubrey, which leads to the question: if neither did, then who? (If the series follows the book, I know! But I’m not saying.) The answer may be revealed sooner rather than later, looking at the preview for next week, it looks like another woman will go missing and the killer’s identity will be revealed.

I hope this is just a minor hiccup for Fiji and Bobo. Let them be together; there is still plenty of drama to be had. Look at Manfred and Creek, they hit a speed bump this week, but they didn’t just call it quits. We learn that Manfred and Xylda ran a con on Hightower, a con that left Hightower’s daughter Violet being ditched at the altar by Manfred. Violet killed herself– Manfred assumed because of him. It was due to some big-time daddy issues, but still the con was a pretty crappy thing to do. Hightower faced with the truth, killed himself and Manfred is safe from that threat.
Manfred and Creek’s relationship seems to make them stronger. If it hadn’t been for Creek, Manfred would probably have taken off running again, but this time Manfred confronted his past. Creek is also breaking her cycle, as she told her father about her relationship and will not let him dictate how she lives her life. Maybe Fiji should look to Creek for some guidance about forgiving a person’s past.

My one real critique is there were times the story seemed choppy—either too little or too much information is shared by the characters. For example, when Olivia was walking along and Hightower came up behind her and pulled a gun on her. Okay, it was a trap, but how did she and Manfred know exactly where he would be, or that he wouldn’t just kill her since his first plan failed? There was just this huge jump, where a little dialogue could have helped. Maybe Manfred or Olivia saying, “I have a plan.”, would have helped bridge the gap. It jumped out at me because the scene between Bobo and Lem was perfect; Bobo told Lem about his plan to go alone to save Fiji, and Lem said, “I’m not okay with that.” In one line, we knew something was going to happen.

Then at the end, the dialogue between Manfred and Creek was put in just to explain what happened in case we missed the character development. Had it been cut to just Creek saying, ‘I told my dad about us’ and Manfred, ‘well I hope things don’t get boring now,’ the audience would have got it, and the cut to the glowing cracks would be just as powerful.

All in all, I still am totally in love with the show; I don’t think this was their strongest episode, but as a transitional episode, it was an important one. It set up the show for act two. Past issues have been put to rest (mostly) and now they will face the issue of the decaying Veil.


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