#WynonnaEarp is Gone and Back Again. Se2E11 Review: Gone as a Girl Can Get

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Wynonna Earp: Gone as a Girl Can Get
Original air date: August 18th, 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Without Wynonna around, things were not too great—well for anyone. In a world without Wynonna, Nedley was dead, Revenants ran amok the Iron Witch lost an eye (or had penchant for eye-patches), and Dolls killed Doc and Doc killed Dolls. So, it is safe to say that Wynonna is the George Bailey of the town. It just goes to show, one should never make a wish to a demon—I mean really, did nobody watch Wishmaster?

This episode did get the better of me at some points. I even did my pep talk beforehand; I knew stuff was going to get heavy, but when Doc died, and he told Waverly, “You look so beautiful in that dress baby girl, it got me—I better not have to go through that again. Then, just to kick us while we were down, Dolls died. My poor heart, but at that point, I knew things couldn’t stay that way, things had to go back to normal (well normal for Purgatory). After the show, I did think about how much fun it had to be for them to film death scenes knowing that they still had jobs afterwards.

What I loved about the episode was Waverly and Haught. Their courtship dance in season one was so fun to watch, this was like a revisiting of it; and even under a spell, their love won out. So if they can go through that, then Haught’s marriage shouldn’t be a big deal. I really like them together, and I want them to stay together. I had wavered a little when Waverly kissed Rosita, but I do think they are good for each other.

I am curious– was it the spell that put Bobo in the hospital, or was he there before? We saw him resurrect after Wynonna died briefly, but what has he been up to? Also, is it normal for a Revenant to be so incoherent when they come back, or was he just on some good drugs? I will say, I did miss Bobo, (I didn’t think I would) and I am happy to see him again. In season one, Doc and Dolls had an adversarial relationship; for season three I think it would be fun to see Bobo brought into the fold and have Doc and Dolls band together in their distrust of Bobo.

I have a feeling everything’s going to change with the season finale. Clootie is free, Wynonna is about to pop, and she knows what they need to do with that plate. My prediction is that the rule book will be thrown out the window. If Clootie created the curse, he can change it– or with him destroyed rather than imprisoned then maybe the curse will be broken. I know Bobo is with the Widows right now, my guess is that he will team up with Wynonna to defeat Clootie, as I doubt Clootie is going to give Bobo the freedom he wants. I do hope by the end we get to see Wynonna Jr. and I hope Wynonna keeps the baby. I don’t want the Order to take it. I want to see them raise the baby. That hasn’t been done before;magical babies are usually whisked away and come back as adults—I want to see a Three Men and a Baby episode where Dolls, Doc and Jeremy babysit.

I can’t believe we only have one more episode left this season, it went by way too fast. The anticipation for the finale episode is killing me—I just know it is going to be off the wall and I better not have to suffer any more death scenes. I love these characters too much!

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