Say Succu-bye, Succubus. #MidnightTexas Review S1E4

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Midnight, Texas: Sexy Beast
Original air date: August 14th, 2017
Warning; Spoilers

Last week I was afraid that Fiji was secure in Bobo’s friend-zone; I am so happy that isn’t the case. I know it is only the fourth episode, but I was ready for her and Bobo to get together. I hope they stay together—there are so many times writers keep people apart from dramatic reasons—that’s old hat. Relationships are dramatic and instead relying on them as an end, as a “happily-ever-after”, I think a more current approach is to explore a couple’s dynamics and how as a team they deal (or don’t) with conflict (external or internal).

Lem and Olivia are a couple and they are anything but boring. They work well together and are secure in their relationship—it’s nice to see.  I loved, loved, the scene when she asks him to help her with the stuff in the back of the car and he sees the body and just goes with it. (Relationship goals!) Ross, (the body) gave use a glimpse into Olivia’s past. Her father is looking for her and hired Ross to find her. I assume this isn’t the first time– she thought her father might have sent Manfred. Her estrangement from her father stems, in large part, from him being absent when her stepmother pimped her out for drug money. And what happened to all the men that took her stepmother up on the deal? They’re all dead now. Have I mentioned she’s my favorite?

Speaking of couples—Joe and Chuy. They are another great couple. The quiet, little moment between the two of them at the end of the episode was sweet and revealing. Joe comforts and addresses Chuy’s concerns about the Veil affecting the supernatural. Chuy is worried about what that means for him—does this mean Chuy’s not human, or is he afraid for Joe? Or does Chuy know something we don’t—like humans are influenced as well?  As the Veil’s influence grows, I’m sure will we see a greater change in the supernatural folks of Midnight. Maybe it’s influence over the non-supernatural has already been seen—like Aubrey’s murder.

This show is just so much fun. Each week a little more is revealed about the residents of Midnight; each episode has a bad-of-the week that is dealt with and the show remains positive and happy. I like shows that can keep a lightness about them. Too many times shows go dark, fast—Midnight is building to some bad things happening, but the feel of the show remains optimistic. It also shows you can be on the lighter side of things but still be poignant and relevant.

The main threat this week was an insatiable succubus, but throughout the season there has been another threat, the Sons of Lucifer—a white supremacist group. So far, they have tried to beat up Bobo, they’ve blown up a cop, broken into Bob’s house, and left spray-painted swastikas. Amidst the violence Charlottesville, this hits close to home. By no means am I saying it was inappropriate, quite the opposite. I hope Oscar Wilde was correct in saying, “Life imitates Art far more that Art imitates Life.” Because there are some that could learn a thing or two from the denizens of Midnight.

Fiji gives the sound advice to let the cops handle it, but Bobo charges in set to kill. I’m not saying we should literally follow Bobo’s example, but we should stand together and stand up to those we think are wrong. Which isn’t concept isolated to just Bobo, but to all the residents of Midnight as we have seen them for four weeks now work together and put differences aside to work towards a greater good.

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