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While we’ve witnessed so many of our favorites suffer, both physically and emotionally, it’s something about this season that makes it more nauseating than usual. It’s possible it’s that we have adults taking such pleasure out of killing and torturing kids who’ve done nothing wrong. Or, it can be I just want everyone to have a happy ending. Either way, the growing distrust of Scott’s pack is only amplified thanks to Gerard’s handy work.

It’s clear the school is beginning to distrust students like Corey and Liam; the stares are evident and the hostility is intense. One student, Nolan, actually takes this to the next level and stabs Corey to show how fast he can heal. Mason tried to play it off, but everyone knows what they saw. Nolan has been fearful up until now, so what pushed him over the edge? It wasn’t Gerard, but another student who encourage him. It’s the student we met last time who had been eaten by from the inside out by spiders. Not a hunter, but a being who is taking advantage of the growing mistrust.

Brett’s disappearance has not gone unnoticed, either– his sister Lorilee grew very concerned when she had not heard from him. After a little investigation, it’s quickly realized he’s running from a hunter: possibly the amateur one they’ve seen signs off around the high school.

Liam is determined to find Brett, and with Scott and Malia’s help, it looks like they might be able to save him. That is until Gerard begins to lead Tamora through the core steps of wolf hunting 101. He’s vague with instruction but encouraging of Tamora’s progress. To her, it’s high praise as she stumbles through each step. To me, he’s just blowing hot air to get another to join his cause. Gerard is intelligent, calculating, and has played this game for a long time. Locating a young injured wolf while fending off an inexperienced pack is no problem for him. It’s obvious he’s taking his time, something Tamora points out to her frustration.

While Scott’s pack is young, he has gone up against Gerard enough times to know they are not only facing an amateur Hunter, but one guided by Gerard. The revelation comes to him too late; Liam and Lorilee have split from Malia and himself. They didn’t want to be slowed down by an injured Scott once a poisoned spike went through him. There is no time to go after Liam and Lorilee, but there is enough time to watch Gerard’s plan unfold. Brett, up to this point, is barely holding on. When the two locate him he’s covered in black blood, and you just know this is the end for him.

Liam manages to piece together that Lorilee and Brett will most likely be killed as they make their escape to the surface. He’s right– as they hit the streets a car comes barreling towards them. It’s a sad sight, causing Liam to wolf out and come to their rescue. It wasn’t a hunter that hit him, but a regular guy. Quickly, a crowd surrounds them. They’re not scared of the scene of a teen bleeding out, but the wolf standing near them. There’s no denying it, what they’re looking at is a monster. Gerard’s goal was clear: he’s going to get the town to turn on Scott’s pack.

While the majority of the episode was stressful, romance still blossomed for two couples. Melissa and Chris are a good example of organically coming together. While I had been rooting hard for the Sheriff to woo Melissa, Chris is not a bad choice. It seems the pair hasn’t been together since the summer, neither of them called to push the issue until Melissa needed him. Having to dissect the body found in the locker room of Beacon Hills High, Melissa was overcome with fear to the point she couldn’t function. She calls on Chris for help, who goes through the same terror. They manage to get the job done, and while the weirdness of the situation fades, their current stance with each other comes to a head. Instead of holding onto the past and blaming each other, they push forward. It’s cute to see them both find love; maybe they will be the ones to get a happy ending.

Then there’s Scott and Malia, I like them together, but I wish it had flowed organically. Currently, their development seems more Scott heavy as he realizes he may feel strongly about Malia. However, Malia is just acting normal; fiercely protective of her pack. It’s grown smaller, and she’s lost Stiles as her constant, turning to Scott seems normal on her end.

Next week will be a double hit of episodes, and if they are of Gerard succeeding once again, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it.

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