Well, Doc’s in it deep and who is #WynonnaEarp? S2E10 Review: I See a Darkness

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Wynonna Earp: I See a Darkness
Original air date: August 11th, 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Well hell, this episode was intense. I will say that this season is bringing it. I loved the first season, but I never felt real urgency. I watched it and was like, ‘well that was fun’, but I never felt the characters were in truly dire situations. In this episode alone I was afraid for the survival of Haught, Waverly, Nedley, Wynonna, and baking-in-the-oven Wynonna Jr.  My god, it was worse than when Black Badge threatened to nuke the place. At least Haught and Nedley are alive, but when the dust settles, I think Haught will have some explaining to do about her wife.

The writers of this series are doing such a good job, I kind of want to slap them (I mean that in the best way possible), for the way they toy with my heart. By ensuring that we can see where everyone is coming from, they ensure strong emotional responses from the viewers. I understand Waverly wanted to do something, anything, to save the woman she loves. Waverly was reacting to her fear and it made her do some questionable things, like striking a bargain with the Iron Witch and giving the Beth-face Widow the seal.  Watching, I know she is making mistakes that will haunt her, but in a similar situation—would I act differently?

I get Wynonna as well. I would hope my family would have enough trust in me to deliver on what I promised, and I would be hurt they went behind my back to do something else. That must feel like a kick to the stomach. If I was Wynonna, I would be wondering how little faith Waverly had in me. I also get that why she wanted to use Rosita as a guinea pig for the cure; I understand the urgency, but I’m with Rosita. She only had to ask, not threaten her. I know Revenants are Earps mortal enemies, but her vision quest alone should be enough to prove nothing is completely black and white.

Their actions had nothing to do with each other, it is just how they react to the given situation. But really at this point, when there is danger all the time—their response shouldn’t just be knee-jerk reactions. The Earps downfall is keeping information from each other; I want Waverly and Wynonna to sit down, bare all, and be a united front. If Waverly told Wynonna about the Beth-face Widows’ offer, then maybe they could have used it to their advantage, trick the Widows, or pitted them against each other. Wynonna was planning to break the seal once she had a plan; this just sped up the timetable. Wynonna’s vision quest showed Clootie and the Widows trapped– Constance Clootie seemed instrumental in that, I would say they need another witch—the Iron Witch comes to mind.

I get where the Iron Witch was coming from: if I thought the Earps were behind my sister’s death, I would be seeking retribution as well. But my prediction is that she will regret her wish sooner than ten years from now. Her wish made Wynonna disappear from existence—I assume this is going to change a lot of things, and not in good ways. The Iron Witch might get her sister back, but at what cost? After Wynonna is recovered (as I’m sure she will be) I think the Iron Witch will be indebted to the Earps and may be the key to trapping Clootie and the Widows again. Also, right before she disappeared Wynonna asked what the plate was made of—was it iron?

This is just a little thing, but I hope they took Mercedes’ face off the Widow and gave it back to her when they had the Widow tied up. I say this mostly because the makeup department is doing an awesome job at making people uncomfortable to look at. Last week, Tucker’s nose was disturbing–this week Meredith-face Widow looked absolutely disgusting (I mean that in the best way possible), that wound on her head looked gnarly. Please let’s get the face back to whom it belongs to—though with Wynonna erased who knows what is what next week.
I hope the ‘Wynonna doesn’t exist’ storyline is resolved within one episode–any more than that will just be too much for me.  Doc remembers her, so that’s good. He’s in that damn well again, so that’s not good, but next week’s previews show him out of it. If I were him I think I would have the well filled in as soon as I could, just for peace of mind. My biggest fear going into the next episode—will this affect Wynonna’s baby? What if a side effect to disappearing is that she becomes un-pregnant– I don’t know if I could handle it.

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