Shadowhunters S2E19, Review – Hail and Farewell

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I thought this episode would feature a beautiful reunion between Alec and Magnus and all would be forgiven between the two. No, this was far more serious with no reconciliation as it seems the Downworlders are on the edge of war.

The Seelie Queen has the Vampires, Werewolves, and Warlocks by her side. They won’t help the Shadowhunters with Valentine– they will be handling him on their own. It’s hard to see Magnus and Alec on opposite sides, but they remained strictly professional during their meeting. It was far more difficult to see Luke and Clary on opposite sides, but Luke made it clear he’s only watching out for his pack. He has been on both sides and knows well enough not to trust the Seelie Queen, but it works out best to remain on her good side.

Clary is focused on finding Valentine and Jonathan; she’s ready to do what she can to stop them both. Visiting Simon is on the top of her list in hopes of locating Valentine. Simon has enjoyed his time being an average person; dating Maia and successfully ignoring most of the Downworlder drama. He knew the moment Clary visits she would want a favor from him and is happy to help. She asks if he can visit the Seelie Queen to see if his word would help the Shadowhunters locate Valentine. It’s a lot to ask when they haven’t spoken since the visit to the Queen, but Simon is still willing to do anything for Clary.

Like the good guy he is, Simon keeps his word and visits the Seelie Queen. She’s now taken on a more adult form and is far more intimidating. She, of course, rejects his request and pressures him to join her side. He declines, and her expression is anything but comforting. Simon can’t ignore the growing pressure from the Seelie Queen for long, even if he thinks he is separate from her conflict.

For the Downworlders, they seem to have a handle on the Valentine issue. Magnus throws up wards around the city preventing portals from being created. He completes it just in time, as Valentine soon realized where the Mortal Mirror is located and is ready to portal to it. In his frustration, his mask begins to slip. He’s no longer the supportive dad to Jonathan; instead, Valentine’s tongue becomes sharp and degrading. Valentine’s attitude worsens as Jonathan realizes he’s being tracked by Clary and Jace. It’s not something that can typically be done, and Valentine is at his wit’s end. He’s certainly not panicked, which means he had a grand idea to take care of everything.

Clary and Jace share an angelic connection, one that assists them in tracking Jonathan when an average Shadowhunter wouldn’t be able to do so. It brings them a lot closer than they have been in a long time, proving their love for each other is still strong. However, the pressing matter of locating Jonathan prevails and breaks the tension.

With Jonathan’s location, Clary, Jace, and Isabelle head off to the cemetery to track him down. If being there at night isn’t crazy enough, a family of zombies attacking them doesn’t help. The three manage to fend them off, but it provides enough of a distraction for Jonathan to nearly kill Jace. It’s when Isabelle comes to the rescue that the tides turn. We know her whip can harm him, but his pain tolerance is incredibly high and seems to do little damage.

His nonchalant reaction to pain does little to deter Isabelle, she continuous to fight vigorously. Seeing Isabelle knock Jonathan down, in platform heels no less, is a scene I didn’t know I needed. Ever since her Yin-Fen addiction blew up, we haven’t seen much fighting from her. This was an incredible comeback as she flawlessly held her own against Jonathan. While he seemed severely injured by Jace, I seriously doubt he was killed even with a number of injuries he sustained.

For now, the threat has been neutralized, but Valentine remains at large. He’s not the only threat floating around, as we soon find out the Seelie Queen is out for more than the Downworlders loyalty. I often forget she can’t ‘lie,’ as her whole demeanor seems quite deceptive. The Queen meets with Valentine in a cordial visit, and instead of capturing him, she entertains the idea of working with him. I imagine she’s after something powerful and has wanted Valentine’s help all along. This impending war now seems closer than ever.  

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