Teen Wolf S6E12, Review – Raw Talent

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Without Stiles as the driving investigation force, Scott is doing his best to find out what is attacking Beacon Hills. Lydia has her own lead in Eichen House while Scott and Malia search for Chris. It’s never a good decision to head into Eichen House, especially alone, but they’re desperate for answers.

The bullet that killed the Hellhound carries the mark of Argent, so it makes sense to seek Chris out to see what he has to say. Except Scott and Malia have a difficult time locating him, and breaking into his bunker brings up more questions than answers. He’s stocked to the nines with guns and weapons; it’s a scene that doesn’t sit right with Scott. While in the woods earlier, he had a hallucination that Hunters were after them and nearly took out the Sheriff in his panic. It’s the first time we’ve seen Scott lose control in a long time, and stumbling onto Chris’ stockpile only makes him feel worse.

Scott should always trust Chris, but after walking into his bunker, he has a difficult time finding that trust. Scott finally finds Chris at an arms deal and successfully messes it up with Malia. While Chris had it under control, their meddling loses the one lead Chris had. He knows someone is supplying people with weapons, and he wants to find out who. Between the three, they return to the scene of where the Hellhound had been shot to see what clues are left. From the material and angle from which the shot was made, Chris can tell it’s done by an amateur. This is a step in the right direction.

For a step in the wrong direction, Lydia attempt to tackle Eichen House on her own. Parrish points out what a bad idea this is, and instead takes her place. While inside, he discovers the doctors have been killing the supernatural residents. The doctor responsible for their death echoes how Tamora feels; it’s time to fights back. Parrish nearly becomes the next victim before Lydia harnesses her banshee scream to free him. Good on her for saving him, but still a bad plan to go into Eichen House at all.

I feel like Mason is holding tight to the illusion of normalcy not only for the sake of his sanity but for Liam’s as well. Mason seems more playful and encouraging with Liam, but it does little to lift his spirits. He’s not doing much better from the last time we saw him; it’s like every moment can set him off into shifting. He even considers visiting Tamora for help, which is a whole separate issue.

Liam’s anger comes to the surface after a scrimmage with his old school. Brett does his best to help Liam manage himself, but it does little to control him. In the end, Liam hides in the locker room and breaks a door in anger. While I know Scott is a bit preoccupied, focusing on Liam should be the priority with his history of anger issues.

To make matters worse, the school is under a silent attack from an unknown force. A lacrosse player is eaten from the inside out by spiders, and his mutilated body is found by Liam, Mason, and Corey after the scrimmage. They don’t know whose body it is, but they have their suspicions. They then stumble on a newish lacrosse player who wasn’t out on the field, sitting in the dark reading his history book. That certainly stands out to the trio.

Beacon Hills High School is no longer ignoring the attacks that have happened. It isn’t isolated to Scott and his friends– innocent people have died or gotten hurt. Liam feels the school’s eyes on him as he goes through his day, leaving us to suspect they know he’s either connected or responsible.

For the most uncomfortable storyline in the episode, Tamora being discovered by Gerard made my stomach turn. For someone working as a guidance counselor, who cares about kids, she is so gung ho about harming Brett only because he has supernatural powers. He’s still a child who hasn’t hurt anyone! Even so, Tamora is so focused on torturing him; she doesn’t realize the danger she’s put herself in. Gerard finds her before she provokes Brett too far, saying he knows raw talent when he sees it. I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun hunting the rest of the wolves down if he gathers more people like Tamora who are ready to fight recklessly.

From their night of reconnaissance, Scott, Lydia, and Malia are beginning to piece together at least half of the problem. Beacon Hills is scared of people like them, hence the amateur hunters going off on their own. Who could blame them? They’re powerless against all the bad that has come into town, and they end up becoming victims. They don’t know about Brett just yet, but if Gerard has his way, I’m sure it’s going to lead to war.

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