#Preacher got it wrong–Count Chocula Rocks! S2E8 Review: Holes

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Preacher: Holes
Original air date: August 7th, 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Prison in hell- Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

This episode drove home what I really like about this show– it’s the small details. Look at Hell–it is the tiny things that make it truly hellish. The one open toilet with duct-tape as toilet paper, the only filled with Zagnut candy bars vending machine that’s now “out-of-order”, the flat basketball, and the filled-in crossword puzzles;  it’s just my guess, but Hell probably has really spotty Wi-Fi, too.

Eugene’s Cape Fear moment with the “Tracy” tattoo was genius, and I loved how the interactions between Eugene and Hitler were filmed. The (seems like super) deep focus shots with Eugene in the foreground and Hitler in the background are gorgeous. This show is always so visually stunning.

Sets and locations are characters in themselves and add another level to the storytelling of the show. Look at Jesse, when he was at the Circuit Works, waiting for the Dork Docs to help him improve the quality of the images, “like they do on the shows”– he’s so focused on the task at hand, he misses the signs being thrown his way. The Grail Industry commercials in the background could be the help he was praying for, but too bad he missed it, and missed the “property of Grail Industry” on back of the DVD.

In this episode there were some heartbreaking and full on gut-wrenching moments. Eugene’s experiences in Hell are horrific, and his reason why he thought he was the most evil (because he kissed Tracy) was sad, but hilarious. Then, his Hole experience–agonizing (for him), but it might have been the funniest scene this season. I know Eugene can’t see the humor in the situation, and I’m sure he will take Hitler up on his escape offer. I’m just worried Hitler is using Eugene to escape and will betray him in the end. I mean this is Hitler I’m talking about–I think he’s been playing Eugene since day one.

Cassidy’s interactions with Denis is where the show truly punches the audience in the stomach. First, that baby (baby Denis) might be one of the cutest babies ever. In present day, watching Cassidy care for Denis as he is slowly dying is probably the most grievous because it is the most real. Cassidy is still contemplating turning his son, but (with the phone call he made) it seems that there are ill side-effects. Possibly personality traits are extremely amplified. What I’m afraid might happen is that Cassidy does turn Denis, and he doesn’t turn out to be a good person. Then Cassidy will be  forced to kill Denis–that would be the absolute worst possible outcome.

As if dealing with dying loved ones wasn’t enough for this episode, we also get to see Tulip deal with her Saint of Killers PTSD. Seems being shot multiple times in a bulletproof vest isn’t cutting it. She is still being proactive though–she bought a new fridge and is patching the holes left from TSOK’s gun. This leads her to meet Lara Featherstone (Jennie). I know Lara is studying Jesse and is out to get him, but I could actually see her and Tulip being good friends; they would probably understand each other better than most.

Oh and yeah Boo-Berry is good, but don’t be hating on my Count Chocula!


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