Teen Wolf S6E11, Review – Said the Spider to the Fly

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This begins the final ten episodes of the series! With the return of some of our favorite people, I’m excited to see how it wraps up.

We jump ahead to the end of summer break, and the only ones optimistic about the future is Scott, Lydia, and Malia. They’ll soon be joining Stiles in leaving Beacon Hills, a place that has severely affected them growing up.

Not everyone is so optimistic about the future, however, not after what they have just gone through. The one most affected is Liam; Hayden has moved away, and he’s lost his anchor. The smallest infractions have him losing control and wolfing out in public. While Scott is still there for him and can calm him down, it doesn’t seem to be a lasting fix. Losing his anchor, the stress of being a senior, and losing his Alpha, weighs heavy on him. Like an average kid, he’s collapsing under it all.

There is no reprieve for Liam as little by little it’s revealed another wave of bad omens will hit them. It starts with the appearance of an injured wolf that leads him and Scott to a pack. They are lead into the woods, only to find a pack of dead wolves with ants coming from within. Then when school begins, rats swarm the building in a frenzy. To top it off, a new Hellhound is on the scene and nearly takes Liam and Mason out of commission. It’s all vague until the Hellhound begins to speak. It seems something was let out after the hunt, and he needs to return it from whence it came.

The reality is setting in after years of supernatural attacks. The town is tired of all the weird events that keep happening. They escalate year after year, and there is little anyone can do to protect themselves.

It’s when we meet the new guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School do we realize people are fighting back. Her name is Tamora Monroe; she’s quite aware of what is going on in Beacon Hills, as is evident from how she speaks to the students. With Liam and Corey, everything she says has a double meaning– that they are too stressed to pick up on. She’s far kinder to students like Mason and Nolan who we know are relatively normal. Mason picks up on her speech right away. Next to Stiles, this kid seems to know what is going on before it happens. Nolan, however, is stressed, scared, and not at all handling the attacks well. Tamora is kind and supportive, I’m suspicious of her but feel bad for the students.

While we haven’t met her before now, it’s clear she’s been in Beacon Hills for a while. When the Hellhound attacks the school at night, she runs off after it! After years of attacks, I’d have the same attitude to take on a man on fire head on. She doesn’t seem to have prior training; she trembles when she goes head to head with the newcomer. Despite any fear, she manages to shoot him in the head and leave him for dead. Fairly impressive when another Hellhound, Parrish, couldn’t handle it himself.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia discover his body and the bullet used. A product of the Argents, who have been relatively quiet of recent. It explains why the Hellhound went down so easily. Could the Argents be running a supply route or supernatural protections for those with their eyes open?

Despite preparations, Scott, Lydia and Malia have concluded that they can’t leave Beacon Hills. There is more than a supernatural force at work, and leaving behind their family and friends to deal with it isn’t the right thing to do. As they struggle with the decision to update Stiles, we get to peek into his new life. He’s on his road to becoming an FBI agent, flourishing in the environment he was meant to be in. Still awkward as ever, but investigations are second nature to him. It’s almost like leaving Beacon Hills gives you a new lease on life.

Except, leaving doesn’t quite work out for everyone who manages it. During Stiles’ orientation, we learn Derek is a wanted man for mass murder. Of course, Derek’s return would only be centered around a murder. I wonder if Stiles is going to disclose this information to Scott or keep it to himself. As of now, he has no idea what awaits him back home.

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