Shadowhunters S2E18, Review – Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

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It’s time for Jonathan’s downfall; he was caught by a child and can’t find a way out to cover his tracks. It seems Max has known for a while, and unless he’s killed, the entire Institute is going to learn of his true identity.

I know Jonathan has demon blood, but I’m still surprised to see him attack Max and nearly kill him. Max lives, but he was knocking on heaven’s door for most of the night, and I truly thought this would be the end for him. While knocking Max out was easy, Jonathan triggers a lock down at the Institute, causing the Shadowhunters quickly realize that Valentine’s son is inside, searching for the mirror.

Alec, Isabelle, Jace, and Clary are all fiercely protective of Max and try just about every trick they know to locate Jonathan. He thwarts their attempts at nearly every turn, remaining one step ahead. Jonathan manages to find the location of the Mortal Mirror and almost escapes with it. It’s Clary’s bright idea to use Isabelle’s whip to their advantage. She knows if Jonathan holds it he will be in immense pain and reveal himself. As he has demon blood, he won’t be able to hide who he is.

Jonathan, using Sebastian’s form as a disguise, manages to hold the whip without a reaction. However, Clary notices lingering blood, and she’s on the attack. Despite Jonathan’s training, Clary manages to hold her own against him and retrieves the Mortal Mirror. She no longer has compassion for him after how he left Max– she sees him for what he is.

With Jonathan’s identity revealed, and Max on the road to recovery, they can all focus on the Mortal Mirror. Instead of a victory, the team faces another defeat as Clary realizes the Mortal Mirror is a fake. The real mirror is a Lake Lyn, the one she had fallen into when looking for Valentine and Jonathan. As far as we know, she’s the only one to have realized this, but I wouldn’t put it past the Seelie Queen to know as well.

Nearly losing Max and fighting off Jonathan was stressful. Not as stressful as Magnus realizing he needs to end his relationship with Alec, but it was close. While Magnus wasn’t made aware of the crisis at first, he takes time alone to reminisce over his developing relationship with Alec. He has a decision to make; join the Seelie Queen in a war against Shadowhunters, or fight against her. Magnus only thinks of good memories between the two, at times when they were both vulnerable. You’re led to believe Magnus will choose Alec, as he loves him.

Instead, he explains to Alec he has to protect his people. They both do, and because of that, they have to end it. He leaves without another word, and we assume he has left to join the Seelie Queen. It’s for the better; Warlocks have to protect their own. But seeing Alec and Magnus both heartbroken doesn’t help the cause.

Luke had a similar choice, but he was more vocal about his distrust of the Seelie Queen. He doesn’t trust The Clave; he’s not with the Seelie Queen, and I’m not sure where he thinks he fits in with an impending war. However, I trust his decisions above all; it’s clear he’s an excellent leader despite any setbacks he’s faced. When challenged for leadership to the death by Russell, a former packmate, Luke twists it in his favor. He is the stronger wolf by far, and instead of killing Russell, he lets him live and welcomes his pack back home. It’s especially poignant as Luke welcomes Russell’s protege into the pack and help him with his transition.

We now know where two groups mainly stand in regards to the Seelie Queen, but Raphael has been quiet as of late. While Simon has been more Wolf than Vampire, I wonder if Raphael’s choice even matters. It seemed most vampires were interested in what Simon had to say instead.

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