Here piggy…piggy… #Preacher S2E7 Review: Pig

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Preacher: Pig

Original air date: July 31st, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Now this was the episode I’d been waiting for! Finally, Herr Starr gets some screen time and it was amazing. I know he is brutal and probably insane, but I love his style. Intermingled throughout the episode we learn how Herr Starr rose to power in the Grail.  These scenes might be my favorite of the season–it might say more about me than the show, but I was laughing so hard while watching him go through the application process. With The Saint of Killers dealt with (sorta), Starr looks to be the predominant threat to Jesse and the gang for the second half of the season.

This week Herr Starr had to deal with a floating pig. When we first saw Herr Starr, the file on top of Jesse’s was labelled “pig”. I’ve been curious as to what it was–a little disappointed it was just a floating pig. The pig was very cute– I was sad it died– but I guess I expected something weirder. But, with the pig miracle dealt with, Starr now will be hunting Jesse–this should be very entertaining.

Thanks to a French professor, we learn that Denis wants Cassidy to turn him into a vampire. I’m curious as to why Cassidy is hesitant. I’m mean every vampire, in every story,  is hesitant to turn someone they love into a vampire. So it would be cool if instead of the normal, ‘you’ll lose your soul, you’ll hate eternity, I love you too much, blah, blah, blah…’ Cassidy was like, ‘it’s flipping awesome–but I don’t know how, or sorry it doesn’t work that way.’

I had this thought last week–would a little extra soul help Denis? It cured Mildred’s dementia, so what are the things consuming another’s soul heals? There needed to be a menu posted last episode. Unfortunately, all those fractions of souls are with TSoK at the bottom of a swamp. I have a feeling that at some point this season Jesse is going to need those souls and TSoK. I hope they are where he left them and someone else doesn’t find them first.

Tulip will not be happy when she finds out the Jesse didn’t send TSoK to Hell.  I knew Tulip was effected by her near-death experience with TSoK, but I’m hoping by facing her fear (sorta) will help her get over the whole ordeal. Tulip has some issues (who doesn’t), but I admire her for being proactive, and I hope bums some good pain pills from Cassidy–being shot multiple times, even with a vest, is going to hurt, a lot.

I wonder what Jesse’s plans are from here on out. He has checked every jazz bar in New Orleans, and he spoke with the corner Doomsday preacher. I don’t know if he helped Jesse’s quest to find God, but he gave him pause with a valid point: that the beginning of the end is men selling fractions of their soul.  I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Soul Happy Go Go. They can’t be pleased with missing inventory and it’s my thought a company that deals in souls might be the type of company that would keep tabs on, and possibly even abduct, a supreme being.

One person we haven’t seen in awhile is Eugene. I wonder how he is holding up in Hell? I know the powers-that-be are looking for TSoK– what happens if they find him without Jesse knowing? Also if TSoK goes to Hell with part of Jesse’s soul , what does that mean for Jesse? Finally, just out of curiosity–does anyone know if they really have “Drunk” and “Dead” carts to pick up bodies outside the bars in New Orleans? I could see it being true…

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