Demons, Ghosts, and Were-Tigers, just a typical night in #MidnightTexas S1E2 Review: Bad Moon Rising

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Midnight, Texas: Bad Moon Rising

Original air date: July 31st, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

I thoroughly loved the pilot episode of Midnight, Texas. I could hardly wait for this week’s episode, but part of me was worried that it might not hold up to the first. Well, those fears have been silenced. Picking up right where the pilot ended (minus a brief fast-forward), the episode contained exorcisms, vampire and Were-Tiger wrestling, prison fights, car bombs, and prophecies of doom. What more could we want?

Yes, a lot happened, but it was done very well. There wasn’t a point in the show where it felt slow or lagging. Nor does it feel rushed—there is a perfect balance of run-for-your-life moments and elucidation. We learn more and more about the residents of Midnight through the action taking place. We now know  that Madonna doesn’t just run the restaurant, but can sew some mean stitches. Rev is not completely at peace with his dual nature, and Joe has been around long enough to have seen the veil fall before. The audience learns just enough to become vested– but not overwhelmed. I’m hooked and can’t wait to learn more.

In learning more about the residents of Midnight, we can see how this place is becoming a home for Manfred. I’m sure just about anywhere else, if Manfred popped in and said his home was overrun with ghosts and possibly a demon, he would be dragged ignominiously through the street and kicked out of town. In Midnight, there was no judgement; they just accepted it and helped him.

Manfred can sleep soundly in his house thanks to Fiji, but it seems the big bad is still lingering and plans on tormenting Fiji more. I’m mean Joe spells it out for us: evil is being attracted to Midnight and the veil between worlds is becoming even thinner. This is the road map for the rest of the season– Midnighters are the army battling the evil from the beyond and on this side of the veil. Each week will probably see new creatures coming to town—next week it looks like they will deal with a vampire infestation, all while they try to solve Aubrey’s murder.

With both officers that were on the case dead, I imagine it won’t be high on the list of things to do for the rest of the police force. If that is the case, then Midnight will fall off the police radar and be free to deal with supernatural forces how they see fit. Or I guess this could bring a bigger police presence to Midnight. In either case, I’m sure the Sons of Lucifer are going to be showing up more and more. I know the demon living under Manfred’s house is going to be an issue, but I think the bigger threat to Midnight will be of the human variety.

I’m sure there are some that won’t be pleased with how the television series differs between the book series. Oh well, I know that they can’t be identical and I don’t think I would want them to be. I know how some things work out in the books, but I’m not going to take the television series to task if things change. For this I reference True Blood (another Charlaine Harris series), at the end of season one, Lafayette (the recently passed, Nelsan Ellis) was spared the death that happened in the books, and I loved his character. And Midnight, Texas already did one thing True Blood never did—they finally gave us a Were-Tiger!

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