Bouncing Piñata Baby–That was some Vision Quest! #WynonnaEarp S2E8 Review: No Future in the Past

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Wynonna Earp: No Future in the Past

Original air date: July 28th, 2014

Warning: Spoilers

Last week we learned that Doc may not be the father of Wynonna’s baby, but that the baby could be the result of a  one-night stand with a Revenant. Jonas the Revenant, jerk-face, asshat (played very well by Mark Ghanimé) told Wynonna there were rumors of there being a Revenant-human hybrid baby before—what if Waverly is the hybrid? I mean that’s kind of implied, right? If she is, that’s good news for Wynonna’s baby. Waverly is awesome– Wynonna just needs to keep her kid away from tentacle goo.

The thing is, Waverly is Wynonna’s sister, Earp or not. A little DNA isn’t going to matter in the long run.  I’m assuming by Haught hiding the results, and Waverly’s flashback to Bobo carrying her, that she is not technically an Earp. I’m guessing Waverly and Wynonna’s mom had an affair with Bobo. And here’s a thought—she didn’t run away—but that no-good, sociopath Willa knew and killed her. I mean, it seems like something she would do. I’m just speculating all this, but as the show progresses we see nothing is how it seems.

Okay let’s talk about Bobo. Bobo is just a victim in the Earp curse. He sacrificed himself so that Wyatt Earp could put a bullet in Clootie, meaning he was shot with Peacemaker and cursed to Hell. Then, then, Wyatt still cared for Doc more and went searching for him rather than staying at Bobo’s (Robert’s) side. Anguish, gut wrenching anguish—but wait there’s more! When Wynonna is with Bobo about to pass out, he asks for his angel’s name and she says Waverly—Sobs. Not cute little sniffles, nope, full on ugly cry. (My dog had a talk with me about getting over-emotional at TV shows while I hugged her during a commercial break.)

So yeah, Wynonna’s vision quest revealed quite a bit. We learn finally what Juan Carlo is, just in time for him to die. Juan Carlo was a preacher that helped with locking away the Widows and sealing up Clootie. The third seal the team has been looking for is Doc’s ring. Constance gave the ring to Doc, then pushed him into the well, all as punishment to Wyatt for killing her sons. We knew the curse started with Clootie and I predicted the big bad was going to be him, so the final seal is going to be broken. When it is, what does this mean for Doc? Will he just be human again? Or will the gang find another way to get to Clootie?

Oh my God, Dolls. I feel every episode I go back and forth between wanting Wynonna with Doc or Dolls. But this week—I’m team Dolls. The way he fought the Widows, protected Wynonna’s unconscious body—so unbelievably awesome. Oh, can I say when he was interrogating Ewan, he delivered my favorite line, “Enjoy your righteousness and your protein shake.” I’m totally using that at the gym when someone hogs a machine.

Now let’s talk about the biggie—Wynonna died. Sure, only for 77 seconds but, the Earp heir died. Is this like a Buffy thing, where there will  be two heirs now? We already had that with Wynonna and Willa, if it turns out Waverly is an Earp, could she use Peacemaker? Or Wynonna Jr. comes out of the womb guns-a-blazing? Also 77 seconds was enough to bring Bobo back, does that mean all the Revenants she killed will be back? Including the rat-fart Jonas. If he’s back, Wynonna should just shoot him again without saying a word. Like she’s on her way to get a donut, sees him, shoots him and keeps walking. That would be my ideal handling of the situation. This episode was incredible; I’m thinking of re-watching all of season one after this episode. It will give a completely new perspective on some key scenes. Though I will say though I’m slightly disappointed by not getting to see them bash the baby piñata and donuts fall out.

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