Shadowhunters S2E17, Review – A Dark Reflection

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Instead of strengthening bonds between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, relationships seem to be breaking. The news of the Soul-Sword has made it to Luke, who let Magnus know and neither is happy. Magnus is upset, not because the Clave has been lying, but because Alec has been lying. When confronted, Alec admits he hid it in Magnus’ best interest, but it doesn’t go over well. Magnus flips out and leaves him; not even Luke can calm Magnus down.  After spilling his heart to Alec, Magnus feels betrayed, and nothing can change that. Just like with Simon, it seems the Seelie Queen is getting just what she wants.

Speaking of Simon, despite the run of bad luck he’s had, life appears to be looking up. While he initially rejected by Maia as he suggests a date between them, Isabelle is there to help smooth things over. It’s the least she can do as Simon volunteers to help train Max into a capable Shadowhunter.

Isabelle is a master negotiator; her way with words can put anyone at ease. While Maia is initially on guard and nasty with her when they first speak, Isabelle talks her through it and calms her down. Downworlders and Shadowhunters have always had bad blood between them, and Maia is extremely untrustworthy, but this is different. Isabelle is coming from a place of understanding. In a way, she’s not doing it just for Simon, but for Maia as well. The talk works, and Maia opens up to Simon about her fears, paving the way for a guilt free date. It’s a step in the right direction for Simon to forget about Clary and move on.

Clary isn’t my favorite character, but it’s difficult to ignore her passion. She’s doing her best with what’s been thrown at her and is one of the most honest people out there. She has her faults, which have mostly been taken out on Simon, but she’s grown a lot since Valentine re-entered her life.

Clary may also be one of the only people to save the Downworlders from Jonathan’s destructive tendencies. I previously mentioned Jonathan willingness to please his father will likely be his downfall– he similarly feels the same way about Clary. He wants to be part of a family again and desires Clary’s love just the same. She’s also less likely to manipulate him into hurting himself and others compared to Valentine.

After a family friend is murdered in his shop, Clary travels with Jace to see the aftermath. Clues begin to click together– Jonathan was there– and he is after whatever was being protected. It’s clear 

to Clary that Valentine and Jonathan are working together, but she believes he’s being manipulated. She doesn’t even know him and seems to think he’s being taken advantage of. Jonathan uses Sebastian’s form as a disguise to prod further and get closer to Clary. He listens to her tearfully defend a brother she doesn’t know, determined to save him from Valentine. It gets him thinking. He wants to be apart of Clary’s life too, no matter what Valentine tells him.

Jace is not making a good name for himself in Jonathan’s eyes. All Jace have to say about Jonathan, without meeting him, is he’s a man with demon blood who is helping Valentine. Knowing nothing else, he’s sure Jonathan should be killed. Jace’s views are only solidified as Dot comes onto the scene and reveals that Valentine and Jonathan are looking for the Mortal Mirror. To Jace, it’s reason enough Jonathan shouldn’t be given another chance.

The search for the Mortal Mirror is far easier than that of the Mortal Cup. Dot has a map that leads them to a location that Clary knows well from her childhood. They retrieve it quickly with Clary’s help; I only wish all Mortal Instruments were so easy to locate. It’s almost too easy until Jonathan arrives on the scene in search of the mirror. Clary tries to talk sense into him, but Dot sacrifices herself so she and Jace can escape. Dot has been through so much abuse, I hate to see her have to suffer again, but she’s determined to redeem herself.

With Clary and Jace back at the Institute, they go over what the Mortal Mirror might hold. Right under their noses, Jonathan uses Sebastian’s form to continue his stint at the Institute, and while he’s very intelligent, he is not as clever as a very nosey Shadowhunter. Max is always on the trail of the latest discoveries, and unfortunately, that trail leads him to Jonathan. He quickly realizes who Jonathan is before the scene cuts out. You can tell Max doesn’t have long left in this world.

Way to leave me anxious for the next episode! I hope they don’t hurt him– if any harm comes to Max I think it’ll tear the team apart. It’s already fragmented thanks to the Seelie Queen; she doesn’t need any more help.

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