Not every soul is equal on #Preacher S2E6 Review: Sokosha

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Preacher: Sokosha

Original air date: July 24th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

On the heels of San Diego Comic Con, this episode of Preacher gave valuable information, but the action stalled a bit, leaving me feeling a little underwhelmed. The episode focuses on and neutralizes the immediate threat of The Saint of Killers, but for me, I thought with the panel’s focus on Herr Starr that we would see his origin this week—alas, that was not the case. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t in love with this episode. Having said that, I am excited for what was revealed and how it will affect the rest of the season.

First, what is America coming to, when even the mom and pop shops that deal in souls are pushed out by big business? At least with the new soul retrieving tech, people only need to sell fractions of their soul rather than the whole thing. My gut feeling though is that Jesse is going to regret losing 1% of his soul–even if it means he now can control TSoK. To me, trapping and storing him in the swamp seems a waste—why not have him do your bidding? Though I guess with Genesis, you don’t need him, but for backup he would be nice to have.

Let’s talk about Cassidy. Denis is his son! That is kind of a big deal. So, Cassidy is 119-years-old. I guess Cassidy could have had him when he was human, or can he reproduce? His is a backstory I really want to see. I know he hasn’t always been the lovable, cuddly vampire he is now, but we see how much of an asshat Jesse can be, so does it really matter? To me, what matters is the person they are currently. The short scene with Cassidy looking in agony at his aging, dying son, knowing there is nothing he can do to fix the situation—was heart-wrenching, but my favorite scene of this episode.

Tulip saw Cassidy’s pain and tried to help. She asked TSoK to let Denis go, and TSoK didn’t take too kindly to her request. Not many people interact with TSoK and live to tell, but Tulip did and seems shaken. We learn from their research that TSoK is a man without a soul—contact with such a man must leave an impact. The question is: is it mental or physical? And how is Tulip going to deal with this? She doesn’t like to share what she is going through, so it will be interesting to see if this becomes a real struggle or something she can shake off. What I think it will do is make her more invested in the search for God. Interacting with someone who’s soulless might help confirm the belief in the soul. This experience might be a spiritual awakening.

In this episode, Jesse seems quite comfortable in the trading and dealing with souls. His mother’s maiden name (L’Angelle) carries some weight in New Orleans. Angelville also looks to play a part in Jesse’s upbringing. I know a lot of this can be learned about in the Preacher Comics, but I am hesitant to rely on them for the backstory, as television is a different beast and liberties may be taken. What I will assume is his ties to New Orleans will explain a lot about the man he is.

What Preacher does well is it takes characters that may not be exemplar– in fact they are quite messed up– and it makes us care about them.  Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are an unlikely trio, but they are a family. That’s inspiring. I am fortunate that my family, is my family; but I know family is whatever you want it to be. At the heart of this crazy show—is three people willing to do whatever is needed to protect each other.

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