Tonight’s #Preacher is going to Starr an interesting fellow!

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At San Diego’s Comic Con, Seth Rogen and the cast of AMC’s Preacher gave the audience a sneak peek at tonight’s episode. Spoiler: It is going to be insane! Okay so is every episode–but tonight’s may be the craziest one yet.
 Seth Rogen (Executive Producer)
Tonight we are going to see the Herr Starr’s humble beginnings and how he rose to power in the Grail. In the following episodes we will see Lara’s flair for disguises and one in particular is based on a You-Tube personality.
Pip Torrens (Herr Starr), Julie Ann Emery (Lara Featherstone), and Malcolm Barrett (F.J. Hoover)
But, what does the future hold for Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy? We are going to learn more about Jesse’s upbringing and maybe why a coffin isn’t a good time-out space for a child. Also this season, we will learn more about our favorite, drug-addled vampire–let’s just say, him being with Jesse and Tulip make him a better vampire.
Dominic Cooper (Jesse Custer)
Ruth Negga (Tulip O’Hare)
Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy)
As for Eugene, he’s in Hell for the foreseeable future–but at least he is making friends.
Ian Colletti (Eugene/Arseface)
If anyone was worried, we’ll see a lot more of The Saint of Killers. Even if Hell really wants him back.
Graham McTavish (The Saint of Killers)

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