Explore your powers at the Legion Mixed Reality Experience!

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This year FX has brought it’s breakout hit Legion to San Diego in a grand scale: with an interactive mixed-reality experience on the lawn of the Hilton Bayfront. Within the show, what is ‘real’ is constantly questioned, and this interactive experience plays right into that narrative. Using both actors, sets, and the HoloLens VR technology, the experience is immersive and fun–and just a bit creepy, too.

Through the HoloLens, you can see various items to interact with, and use your powers on (it becomes very clear you’re David, the lead character in Legion). While it takes some getting used to (and I failed at one of my powers due to the set slipping on my head a bit), the actors give hints if you need them. Speaking of actors–they are a huge part of this experience and truly make it worthwhile. Their interactions with you help you slip into David’s character easily, and bring out the emotions and heighten the tension as things get truly strange and intense.

As you can tell I’m trying not to give too much away–it’s better to go in completely blind and experience it for yourself. It’s totally worth it.

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