Teen Wolf’s Final Panel at SDCC

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Just in time for their summer premiere date on July 30th, Teen Wolf brings their last panel back to San Diego Comic Con in Hall H. From a small start in a tiny room, they end their run in the largest hall the con has to offer.

Billed to include just series creator, Jeff Davis and actors Tyler Posey (Scott) Dylan Sprayberry (Liam), Shelley Hennig (Malia), Cody Christian (Theo), Khylin Rhambo (Mason), and Charlie Carver (Ethan), no one expected Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) to make a surprise appearance with them as well. It’s only fitting to have Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien see their final panel off together. And to make a perfect panel even more perfect, it was hosted by Melissa Ponzio (Melissa) and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski), two parental favorites.

There were even more surprise appearances throughout the panel; the first clip of the night was introduced by Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and Ian Bohen (Peter) via video message. The clip focused on Derek’s return. Narrated as a story in the form of an urban legend, we see Derek take out quite a few hunters who have been hunting him down on Gerard’s orders. The one listening to the story is Chris, who seems more concerned Derek is being hunted then what he did to the Hunters. The clip ends with Derek finally being blessed with a new car by stealing it and driving off. We should all be excited to see Derek’s story is not done, and his personality can finally shine through.

Another clip is introduced by Colton Haynes (Jackson), and gave us more clues with the direction the show is taking. Jackson and Ethan enter Beacon Hills High School, looking like they still run it. Jackson takes an opportunity to look one of the students up and down, a male student at that! Their cocky attitude is stopped short by a young woman who takes them out once it’s revealed they’re looking for Assistant Coach Scott McCall. I’m less concerned with Jackson and Ethan getting tied up and more with Scott working and not being in college!

We know this season will be dark– the supernatural secret is out in the open and Gerard is building an army against our favorite team. Rather than create another villain, Teen Wolf is using someone who has always posed a threat. It seems Scott is either going to have to kill quite a few people, or lay down his life for others.


The panel came with a few treats as well, including audition tapes of our favorite actors. It’s something I hope they included on their DVD extras; you really forget how much the actors have grown over the years.

There were quite a few tears shed, mostly by Tyler Posey, as each actor reflected on their journey through the series. Such as Shelley Hennig, who wasn’t sure Malia would make the season, has becomes an integral part of the pack and the cast.

With just a couple of teasers, I’m confident we’ll see a fitting end to the series. Bringing back a few of the actors to close their stories is all the fans wanted to begin with, and I’m glad to see we’ll have it.

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