ConanCon at SDCC!

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Arriving in San Diego three years ago for their first Comic Con, no one expected Team Coco to take over as a SDCC staple so quickly. Procuring the best guests, putting on a show with fantastic skits and hilarious comedy; Conan O’Brien has filled an untapped market in the ever growing con scene.

While late night hosts have merely spoken of Comic Con, none have taken a role such as Conan and embraced it. Aptly named Conan-Con, ticket hopefuls keep a sharp eye out for a chance of attending every year. There is never a bad show with Conan, the flow is natural and is a highlight for any attendee. The best part? You don’t need a badge to attend!

I was able to attend the Thursday afternoon taping that hosted the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. One of the highlights was the progression of Conan’s superhero alter ego with him getting his own vehicle from West Coast Customs. They journey was hilarious as he pursued his $50,000 dreams with a $400 budget.

Having Conan interview the cast of Kingsman was a special treat. We got to learn more of the American chapter, the Statesmen, as well as see Jeff Bridges in jelly sandals. His rapport with the actors is evident with their ease of conversation. It’s much more entertaining to see them at Conan compared to a panel.

As in years past, the taping is concluded with a little song from Conan and a parting Funko pop gift. For this taping, I received a Conan Jedi Funko pop. The other Funko figures include Spider-man Conan, Iron Man Conan and Whitewalker Conan. Or regular Conan, as most know him as. Team CoCo has even arranged special giveaways of the much sought after Monochrome Conan.

If you are lucky enough to snag tickets, this is an event that shouldn’t be missed!

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