Can you survive The Expanse Escape Room at SDCC?

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Escape rooms are all the rage currently and I’ll confess: before completing The Expanse Escape Room here at SDCC (Located at 450 2nd Ave),  I’d never tried one.  Still, I like the idea of using your brain and having to complete puzzles and use hidden clues to escape a room while competing against the clock and another group–and that is exactly what you are doing during this themed escape room.

In small groups, (ours was of five people), you are told you have ten minutes to escape your failing space ship and get to the one escape pod–before the other group does. You need to complete three tasks: turn the oxygen back on, restore power, and open the door. It seems simple, but there are red herrings everywhere, and the answers to the puzzles aren’t exactly where you might think they are.

The room itself is a giant shipping container, split up into different compartments for the sake of the escape room; it’s important to listen to the audio cues, and if you get stuck, there is a game master that might give you hints to help you along.

At the end you’re given a bag with a few treats in it, along with a cool little photo-op, and a chance to look at some props from the series.

Overall, I really enjoyed this offsite–it’s clear some thought went into it, and they wanted people to have a good, interactive experience that lasted longer than a moment or two, and made them work together–but that also comes with the main issue, I think. If you want to do this offsite, leave yourself time. As the teams are given up to 10 minutes to escape, and there are only two teams per cycle (so up to 10-12 people), that’s only 72 people per hour. It’s going to be one of the slower offsites this year, I think, so if you want to do it, know this going in, and be prepared to wait.

Still, I had a great time–and I hope you do, too! And remember–no badge required!!



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