Could this season’s Big Bad, be a blast from the past? #WynonnaEarp S2E6 Review: Whiskey Lullaby

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Wynonna Earp: Whiskey Lullaby

Original air date: July 14th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

This week Wynonna and the gang battle a Tempus Monstrum, aka a Sandman known as Hypnos. The Widows (the ghostly wonder-twins) forced him into action by kidnapping his daughter. They want Purgatory asleep while they search for the second seal to break.  The show doesn’t outright say it, but I’m guessing it is their husband they are trying to release and he is definitely a big bad. At some point Bobo hid the second seal from the Widows. Alas, they found the seal at Shorty’s, but there is one more seal to go–so no big bad yet.

Before the whole town took a nap, Moody comes to Dolls with some key information. Black Badge has ghosted them. Apparently they think the Ghost River Triangle is a lost cause.  That really isn’t a big surprise, since they did want to nuke them at the end of last season. What is kind of surprising is that Moody says Black Badge isn’t a government agency. So what is it? Dolls says they are free agents, but do contracts signed in blood go away that easily?

Tucker has been the Widow’s pet, but he has gone rogue. He killed Constance (the Stone Witch) and that seemed to piss them off majorly. He is now on their bad side and may not be long for this world. No great loss, but that may mean they set the eyes on someone else to host whatever comes out of the seal.

Now, the Widows called her “Sister Clootie”, are we in a sister-wife situation? If so, does this mean the husband they are trying to release happens to be–wait for it–the demon Wyatt Earp killed?  I think I just totally called what’s going to happen! If that is the case–that’s a big, huge.

Speaking of huge–Hypnos says his spell not only made people sleep, but ceased time and aging. However, that was not the case of Wynonna. Last week she found out she was preggers, and now she is super-pregnant. By the end of episode, the baby-bump looked even bigger than when she first woke up from the spell.

Okay, this episode really had me on an emotional rollercoaster. All I can say is eat it Dolls! First he seemed cool with the whole pregnancy situation, and I was pleasantly surprised.  He even kissed Wynonna and then, at the end of the episode he got all weird and acted like a jerk. I am all the way team Doc (if you couldn’t guess), but how he just walked away when he first found out about the baby–ugh! I wanted to punch him. I shouted at the TV, scared my dog, and pouted during the commercials–I was too upset to fast-forward. Then, the note: “I am all in.”   Angels sang, I hugged my dog, and life was great again.

I have no idea what is going to happen with the Wynonna, Dolls, and Doc love triangle, but at least one relationship seems to be on the right track. Haught and Waverly seem to be doing well, and Waverly telling Haught the only thing she really remembered while possessed was her–awww…. Love them. Nothing better happen to either of them. I am sure Tucker isn’t done with his obsession with Waverly, I hope in their next run-in Haught kills him or at least arrests him.

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