Shadowhunters S2E15, Review – A Problem of Memory

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Progress for Valentine’s escape has been made right under The Institute, where he’s imprisoned. The distractions popping up for the Shadowhunters have effectively taken Alec’s attention away from where he may have noticed.

The drama from the Seelie court kiss has not died down at all. Clary is in shambles, Jace is slightly concerned, and Simon’s heart is broken. On a night out to de-stress, he’s enticed by another Vampire who shows him where he can relax– a club where humans willingly let themselves get fed on by others. Simon, energized from plasma, spends his night feeding and cannot remember it the next morning.

To add onto his stress, the first woman he met at the club is found dead with puncture wounds. The DNA on her body leads to Simon, and he realizes he might have killed her. Luke wants to help, but the initial evidence is pretty damning, and he’s nearly arrested for it. Luckily, Luke’s partner drops a significant development that swings in Simon’s favor. He realizes there is no way he killed this woman considering where the bite marks were, but he knows who did.

It’s the Vampire who brought him there in the first place. A fight breaks out between them; right off the bat, it seems like there is no way Simon is going to hold his own against him. Wouldn’t you know it, Simon manages to prove me wrong and manages to kill him! I didn’t think he had it in him, but he has had to grow a lot in the past 24hrs.

The end of the fight gives him the courage to speak with Clary about what happened finally. She tries to explain to him it was Seelie magic that twisted it around, but Simon has to let her go. They can’t continue their relationship like this.

I think everyone can see how wrong they are for each other. Simon has become a favorite of mine, and despite being hit with blow after blow, he only comes back stronger from it. It feels like he has grown much more than Clary has since the Shadowhunters have come on the scene.

Speaking of character growth, Alec seems to only grow with every interaction. He has taken being the head of the Institute in stride but hasn’t forgotten about Magnus one bit. I thought only Isabelle would be able to pick up on subtle clues, but Alec has grown so much he can tell when something is bothering Magnus.

Despite his age, he can remember the torture he went through as a child and his mother’s brutal death. Days of quiet reservation finally gets to Alec and they talked through it together. If there was an award for healthy relationship communication in a YA tv show, they’d get it every year.

Ultimately, with everyone focusing on their pain, the team is unaware of how suspicious Sebastian is.

Sebastian’s personality makes it difficult to hate him. He’s kind, capable, knowledgeable and despite strong feelings towards Downworlders, has shown he will help his fellow Shadowhunters. No one would suspect he was the one behind Luke’s push to kill Valentine– that is until his cousin makes an appearance and threatens to bring it all down.

What was thought to be a lovely reunion between cousins turned out to be Sebastian’s kick to move faster. It seems Sebastian isn’t who he says he is; the real one is trapped in the apartment closet. The Sebastian we know tortures real-Sebastian to ensure he can still play the part. As long as he can continue to fool his cousin, his plans can move forward flawlessly. While he gets the information he needs, the real-Sebastian manages to escape out of his hellhole. He nearly reaches the Institute before fake-Sebastian kills him to make sure his secret doesn’t get out.

This all happens just in time for Valentine’s transport to Idris. You can feel it go wrong the moment the portal is opened. While Clary and Jace make it through just fine, Valentine is nowhere to be found upon their arrival. It turns out a Shadowhunter helped move Valentine to where Sebastian is, in exchange for his family’s life.. As expected, he’s killed off instead.

With the Shadowhunter dead, fake-Sebastian reveals himself as Valentine’s charred son. Valentine is just as surprised as us, maybe even fearful? This does not bode well if Valentine is surprised as well, who is normally in charge of every situation.

With the team strained, having to fight against someone who is steps ahead of them seems impossible. Even the Shadowhunters as a whole seem divided, and I don’t think it’ll be just Valentine to take advantage of that.

One thought on “Shadowhunters S2E15, Review – A Problem of Memory

  • fyi Magnus’ Dutch stepdad.

    He’s supposed to be speaking Dutch in a scene. I’m native Dutch, I could’t figure out what he was saying.

    It didn’t even sound Dutch. Sounded like Hungarian to me. After finding out online what he was supposed to be saying online”Weet je waarom ze dit deed? Door jou. Je bent een gruwel!” and listening back, I still feel like the makers haven’t even tried. Though he did get the Dutch G right hahaha. Kudos for that.

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