Stop me if you’ve heard this: A Preacher walks into a bar… #Preacher S2E3 Review: Damsels

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Preacher: Damsels

Original air date: July 3rd, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

This episode is all about dames and the men that try to save them. Jesse and Eugene (Arseface) need to be the hero and it doesn’t always work out well for them. This week’s episode, written by Sara Goodman and directed by Michael Slovis, does not disappoint. The production value was as amazing as ever and visually it was beautiful. But episode itself, maybe not as strong as the previous two. What it did do was lay the groundwork for the showdowns that are bound to happen as the season progresses.

First, we catch up with Eugene—Hell is high-tech. Do think it has always been that way, or do you think it got upgrades through the years? It appears that each cell has an individualized holodeck that makes a person re-live their lowest point over and over. For Eugene, it is when he was unable to stop Tracy from shooting herself.

Annville had vilified Eugene and painted Tracy as the victim of his jealousy. The truth of the matter (not surprising to anyone that went to high school), is that Tracy was a horrible person and Eugene was the poor schmuck too in love with the idea of her to see how she was using him.  I want to be clear: I think it is the right of anyone to “friendzone” another person– that isn’t what made Tracy horrible. This brief segment of time showed her to have a narcissistic, shallow and perverse way of thinking; and from what we’ve seen of Annville I doubt she would’ve ever outgrow said behavior.

Not that Eugene is completely in the clear—I know that people respond differently in crisis—but had he called for help, not shot himself, or I don’t know, not tried to scoop her brains back into her head, then maybe he wouldn’t be in Hell with Hitler as his neighbor.

Eugene stopped reliving his Hell loop when the whole cell block had some technical difficulties. Is this a symptom of God missing? Or if God is having a vacay, did the Devil feel the need to do so as well? Or is it because Lucifer is in L.A. running a piano bar?  Preacher and Lucifer, that could be the best crossover ever!

Turns out, Jesse isn’t the only one that knows God is missing. The Grail, led by the creepy guy (Herr Starr) we saw at the end, are also on the hunt. Now that Lara Featherstone found out that Jesse has a power, God won’t be the only one they are hunting. Lara posing as a jazz singer– was it set up to study Jesse? Or was it to nab anyone else hunting for God? Or was it meant to lure out God?

In the season opener we learned from Tammy that “A walk to the Peak” was God’s favorite song. Now, I like jazz, but more like Sidney Bechet or Louis Armstrong. This song—I’m with Tulip’s assessment and it does sound like it could be about the end of the world.  If this ominous theory is correct—does God want to destroy the world or does God know our time is up and is enjoying while it while lasts before going back to Heaven?

With Jesse outing himself to the Grail, I am guessing Tulip’s feeling that New Orleans was a bad idea applies to all of them. Jesse used The Word so The Saint of Killers won’t be too far behind. Now this is where the Grail could be useful. They might subdue TSoK because they have use for Jesse. Then in turn, Jesse and the gang will need to relieve themselves of the Grail, but one problem at a time.

Jesse and the gang have TSoK and the Grail hunting them and if that is not enough, I feel I can safely say, the hypnotic poster of Angelville will lead to more obstacles for our characters. (Fans of the comics know what’s up.)  Just to add to the roadblocks, at the end of the episode, Tulip looks to be apprehended by a group of Viktor’s thugs. I am sure this will slow down their hunt for God, but I am looking forward to watching all this play out.


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