Things are heating up in Purgatory. #WynonnaEarp S2E4 Review: She Ain’t Right

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Wynonna Earp: She Ain’t Right

Original air date: June 30th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

First can I say I wish, sometimes, I lived in TV world. Only for the sake of being able to sing a perfectly themed song at any given moment, without rehearsal or warning. Speaking of singing—Wynonna Earp: The Musical! Just an incredibly awesome idea I wanted to toss out into the universe.

So Wynonna finally figures out there is something fishy going on with Waverly. I am glad she apologized to Haught. But she puts it on the back burner when she realizes Dolls is close by. In the scheme of things, it was a fortuitous for Waverly, as she grew a hand back. For Wynonna though, bad call, since now she’s possessed. Which is rather shitty—I mean if you are cursed with being the Earp heir, I feel you should get some protection from demon possession. Demons love possessing people, it is like their signature move—there should be magic safeguards in place for this sort of thing—just saying.

I like that Waverly got to go undercover; she is getting to do more of what she wants to do, my main problem is that she isn’t getting training. Everyone knows she wants to be out in the field. Well then, teach her to kick some ass. At least teach her some basic escapes, blocking, and takedowns. But this isn’t just on the others—Waverly, if you can YouTube and learn lock picking skills, then YouTube some fighting skills. I liked that Doc got out from behind the chemistry set this week, but Waverly and Wynonna shouldn’t have needed his help in the first place. Also, Wynonna stop putting Peacemaker down—just shoot the demons.

On the good news front, Dolls is back. Wynonna decided to trust Jeremy, and with his help Doc and Rosita recreated the drug needed to keep Dolls human (mostly). Seems the demon inside him is kind of dragon-y. The formula either allowed him to control, but use the demon powers, or it just hadn’t returned him to normal yet. Either way, it allowed him to BBQ the demon-of-the-week. Did he even have a name? His sidekick was Cujo—but him, let’s call him Robin, because he is “a bit” like him.

Robin stole a briefcase from a BBD agent and Lucado wanted to steal it back. Waverly sang a song and lost a hand, but in the end the Earp sisters got the briefcase and found a plate inside it. I’m guessing it is an important plate, but Wynonna got possessed, so I guess we will learn more about it later. Robin’s one other role was to set up the best punchline of the week. He reminded the main characters that, “Something big is coming.”  Wynonna already knew, “Yeah, Winter—we got the memo.”

Now, in the last episode, we saw Mercedes attacked by the creepy ghost/demon. Well, she isn’t dead, yet, just missing a face. The ghost/demon has it and is going about its day and eating bacon (can you blame it?). Ghost/demon number two is in possession of Beth’s face and they proclaimed to Tucker that they are his sisters now. They chose his family because they want to nurture his darkness (just what that creeper needs). Tucker of course is totally cool with this and asks them for a girl. My guess is Waverly.

My guess is that the ghost/demons are prepping Tucker to host whatever big bad came out of the seal. They were “haunting” the area around the seal, so they are probably the minions to whatever demon was inside it. But before that showdown I hope we get the Wynonna-is-possessed thing dealt with. I thought we would get it straightened out with Waverly this week and we did. I just don’t want it to take four more episodes to remove it from Wynonna. Next week’s episode looks fun, but without an heir to put down the other demons the show would lose momentum, so the rest of the team better get crackin’.

One more thing–nice hat Doc.

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