Shadowhunters S2E14, Review – The Fair Folk

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Heartbreak and betrayal, I didn’t expect it to come so soon. It hurts to see this little group break apart through misunderstandings.

In the aftermath of Kaelie’s attack on the Shadowhunters, Alec sends Jace and Clary to the Seelie realm to visit the Queen. Simon joins against their wishes, and together they travel to investigate if Kaelie worked alone.

The Seelie Queen is a young woman who rules fiercely over her kingdom. At first glance, she seems sweet and forgiving, but she is anything but. The Queen is so protective of her people that any slight against them can be met with death. She sees death as a logical consequence with little emotional attachment to others.

She takes advantage of Jace, Clary, and Simon’s relationship, knowing full well where they stand with each other. She managed to trap Jace and Simon with one of her vines, squeezing them to death unless Clary meets her demands. All Clary has to do is kiss the person she most desires. In front of everyone, Clary’ kisses Jace and saves them both. It’s unnecessarily long and passionate, only made worse watching Simon’s heartbreak.

Simon has known for a while that Jace not being Clary’s brother has reopened the possibility of them being together. Despite her assurances, Simon knew deep down Clary still had feelings for him. It’s a blessing in disguise; heartbreak will show him he deserves better!

The major downside is the Seelie Queen had done it to show Simon that Shadowhunters only stick up for each other and will throw aside their Downworlder partners. She wants Simon, as a Daylighter, to join her. I’m not sure if Simon will see it as Clary rejecting him for himself, or as a Downworlder.

In the real world, Alec is facilitating a Downworlder meeting with the Magnus, Raphael, Meliorn, and Luke. Two out of the four relationships are strained since Valentine successfully killed off most of their friends. Magnus, still affected by what he went through, acts just a bit oddly around Alec. He’s respectful of his request to keep it professional but isn’t happy that it was made. Throughout the meeting, you can tell he’s off, and not discussing it with Alec is going to make him explode.

Then there’s Luke, who has lost so many people in a short amount of time. He demands Valentine be executed for his crimes, but the Clave refuses. A mysterious voice from a blocked number encourages him to take things into his own hands, so acting like a reckless teenager, he follows through and uses the meeting to gain access to Valentine’s cell. He nearly succeeded in murdering him before he’s stopped by Alec and Sebastian. If Sebastian hadn’t sounded the whistle, no one would be the wiser. Wanting to be a merciful leader, Alec doesn’t arrest Luke as a warning. It’s not a popular decision, but it’s the right one.

While Sebastian took his place as security for the meeting, he seemed rather suspicious of just about everyone there. He hasn’t outright shown hatred to Downworlders, but being nasty wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Sebastian took it to the next level, attacking Raphael’s affection to Isabelle and making him doubt that he could ever be that way with her.

It’s just one of many clues leading up to the reveal that Sebastian was the mysterious voice that led Luke to attempt to kill Valentine. Not only that, but he’s hiding a big secret in his closet.

Despite relationships breaking left and right, Maryse is redeemed in the eyes of her children and her relationship is only made stronger. I didn’t expect Isabelle to come clean about her Yin Fen addiction, but she became only stronger for it. Typically, redemption can lead to death, but I hope Maryse is not written off like this.

I can only hope next week is not quite as heartbreaking and instead more soul searching before Sebastian launches his attack. He is not one to be trusted.

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