Be careful what you wish for. #WynonnaEarp S2E3 Review: Gonna Getcha Good

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Wynonna Earp: Gonna Getcha Good

Original air date: June 23, 2017

Warning: Spoilers


Last week we ended with an evil-looking seal being broken and The Woman in Black looking ghosts lurking in the old school/future condo site. We all know this can’t be good. This week though, we deal with a Maranoik demon seeking to settle a debt with Purgatory’s 2007 High school hockey champions.

In the end, Wynonna captures rather than kills the demon. She hopes to get pure, fresh demon blood to re-create the serum Dolls needs to stay all human-like. At the end of the episode we see Dolls isn’t too far away– Waverly has him holed up in her secret treasure room. I mean, I assume it is secret. Seems the demon ooze likes shiny things and Dolls.

We did learn a crucial bit of information—Waverly isn’t aware of the influence of the ooze. She thought Wynonna still had the lipstick that she ate after Wynonna used it. Which, for Dominique Provost-Chalkley’s sake, I hope was something other than lipstick she had to chomp down on.

Also on the Waverly-ooze front, I was so upset that Wynonna didn’t listen to Haught. I get the over-protective instincts Wynonna has for Waverly, but really, she doesn’t think Waverly is acting odd?  I think Waverly’s relationship with Champ is influencing how she perceives Haught now, and that is unfair to both Waverly and Haught. Also, it is like Waverly said—Wynonna isn’t the relationship expert.

Another thing—is it me or are Waverly’s outfits getting really out there? I’m not saying I hate them—I never knew I wanted pink, crushed-velvet, over-the-knee boots until I saw them on her.  However, this is very different than last season.

On to Doc– he’s been working with Rosita to re-create Dolls injection that keeps him normal and he is doing it for Wynonna (Ahhhh….), so hopefully the Maranoik blood will do the trick. I like that he gets to run Shorty’s and I hope Rosita gets a bigger role. I think she is a good addition and keeps Wynonna on her toes. The big question with Doc is: will he get a new hat?

I will be the first one to admit I get way too emotionally involved in shows. So of course, I got a little sniffly when Sheriff Nedley told Haught he expected her to replace him. He does care! I hope Haught takes the talk to heart. Yeah, being a deputy  isn’t as “cool” as the Black Badge division, but is just as necessary and important. I hope this helps Haught find her place; she could be the bridge between the two offices and maybe there will be less hostility between them. This scene also made me like Nedley more– he isn’t as complacent as he seems.

At the end of the episode two big things happen. First, Dolls isn’t that far away and the previews for next week look like he will be brought back into the fold, if only to get him stable. Second, Mercedes got attacked by the creepy ghost and it looked like they killed her. Okay, so does anyone else think that the creepy ghosts are her siblings? The Gardner family is one of the original families of Purgatory (so they have had plenty of time to make deals with demons) and, I mean, Tucker and Beth are creepy as humans. Also, they didn’t want Mercedes there and they had just left the room, with Tucker making a thinly veiled threat on Mecredes’ life right before she was killed.

I think Tucker and Beth are going to be a problem for Wynonna and company. Maybe I am hoping Tucker is some sort of ghost or demon because of how horrible a person he is. I know Sheriff Nedley has a file on him, but there should have been some punishment for the pictures he took. I think the writers were very clever to throw in a very real problem into the show. A saying I hate is, “boys will be boys.”  Like that explains ignorant behavior and makes it acceptable.  Or the when Tucker told Waverly she was “confused” when she called Haught her girlfriend. I was rooting for Waverly to rough him up some more.  Tucker might just be human, maybe nothing supernatural, but I do think he is the most evil and vile character on the show to date.


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