#Lucifer is totally winging it at the end of this episode. S2E18 Review: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

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Lucifer: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

Original air date: May 29th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Wowza, so all that happened.

Amenadiel, relishing the fact that he is his father’s favorite, no longer cared about breaking into Heaven. It took him a while to process all this—but luckily there was Dan and improv to help him work through his turmoil. Which led to a great scene and possibly the funniest moment I may have ever seen on the show—Amenadiel doing improv. I lost it– I had to rewind and watch it over again (maybe a couple times). The scenario with the pregnant giraffe, almost inspired me to join an improv group just to yell out: “How can I help when I’m suppose to kill my own father?” Almost.

Amenadiel refused to give the key to his mother and that led her to turn to other means to secure the key. In her quest, she beat Dr. Linda to gain info on Lucifer. Luckily, (I heard there were to be riots, if she died) Amenadiel could harness his powers and slow time in all of L.A. so Maze could get her to the hospital. He also saved lives at the Santa Monica Pier, as this also allowed Lucifer to keep Charlotte from exploding.

By the end of the episode, we say goodbye to Charlotte—well, at least to the Goddess inside her. So, good news for Charlotte, she is alive and most likely not getting charged with Chet’s death. Bad news, she can’t remember anything since her death. Poor Dan—he looked so crushed when she didn’t know who he was.

I thought Lucifer showed great self-control this episode. If I was him I might have killed Charlotte for what she did to Dr. Linda. (And now I wonder about my mental health as I just stated the Devil has better self-control than I do.) As it is, what Lucifer did was the best solution for all involved. The Goddess gets to start anew; maybe she can create a new husband, have new children—she gets to create a world in her image, and it is better than her running Hell. I liked that Lucifer offered it up as an option, like, it’s not for me, but maybe you would like to do it.

Moving forward is what this episode, and really what this season, has been about. The Goddess made the ultimate step forward, and Amenadiel made forward progress, while Maze has been evolving this whole time. Chloe thought Lucifer was regressing when he was withholding the whole truth from her, and if he hadn’t seen what happened to Dr. Linda, he might have stayed that way. But Dr. Linda accepted him, all of him and his family, so maybe Chloe will as well.

Lucifer was going to tell Chloe everything, but got knocked out, kidnapped, and left stranded in the desert, probably Arizona in August. (If you haven’t been it is the closest thing to Hell here on Earth—but like the light from Charlotte’s abdomen, it’s a dry heat.) Not only is Lucifer stranded in the middle of a desert, he has wings. Wings 2.0, since he torched his original set. So, is this a gift? A curse? Him hallucinating from heat stroke?

About him wanting to come clean, and tell Chloe everything.  At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. I pondered the matter briefly and I want him to tell her. Again, it’s about moving forward. The show succeeds because it never does what is expected. So, say Lucifer tells Chloe, there will be some awkwardness at first, but with the truth revealed, they can move forward and start a relationship. So many shows keep the two main love interests apart for so long—the whole will they, won’t they shtick is over played. I think, being a cop, dating the Devil and having a demon roommate has ample opportunity for drama.

Moving forward, one thing I do want to see for sure in season 3—more Amenadiel doing improv.

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