American Gods S1E5 Review: Lemon Scented You

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Lemon Scented You

Warning: Spoilers


We start this episode with another story of the Old Gods; this one tells the tale of how one group of Native Americans (ones so old that they came from the old land bridge that joined North America and Russia), gave up their God for the ‘new’ God that was worshiped by the natives in this land. As the story says, “Gods live, and Gods die.” The cycle will always continue; some will be remembered, while others are forgotten. Our main story deals with those Gods that are terrified of being forgotten.


Back in the current timeline, Laura finally reunites with her husband. I don’t know if she thought it was going to go smoothly, that she was going to be able to sweet-talk and charm her way into his heart again, but while Moon is clearly affected and emotional over her being alive, he is also definitely not ready to forgive her for cheating. They do kiss, once, and there are some amazing visuals that accompany this–for all her deadness, apparently a kiss from Moon can cause her heart to beat at a very touch.

Meanwhile, a raven speaks to Mr. Wednesday, and he goes to quickly find out what is going on with Moon. Wednesday can actually smell Laura (another sign that she’s dead and rotting), but Moon manages to distract Mr. Wednesday, leading them off to go talk. However, the cops show up and arrest them for their bank robbery. Which seems strange, right? Well, there is more to that story.  


We cut to Technical Boy, who is getting a dressing down by Media, who currently looks like Ziggy Stardust. I seriously had no idea that Gillian Anderson could look so hot in so many different fashions, but it was like she was born to play this role–I’m so happy to see her in it. Technical Boy is acting like a petulant child, especially when he finds out that the head ‘New God’, Mr. World, is demanding that he apologize to Moon for the lynching. Media states that Mr. Wednesday may need only one person to believe to cause all their plans to fall apart–which means they need Moon on their side. The visuals in this scene are amazing; out of all the shows Bryan Fuller has done, I find this one to be the most arresting. It truly fits his aesthetic, mixing technology with old-world blood and doom.


At the police station, Moon is refusing to talk, while Mr. Wednesday is acting like a loon, telling the cop the true story of what he is doing. Moon’s officer tells him that someone “big” informed on them–whoever Mr. Wednesday annoyed, they have the capability to access satellites. Eventually, the two men are put in one room together. There is a small cameo by Mr. Nancy (in spider form!) as he unlocks Mr. Wednesday’s cuffs, and the two start chatting. It seems Wednesday really is scared of something big–and that big thing arrives.

First, Media arrives, this time in the form of Marilyn Monroe. Then comes Mr. World, played gloriously by Crispin Glover. The way the frame moves around him is unsettling, like he’s too big for the frame. Technical Boy finally arrives and apologizes, clearly annoyed at having ‘daddy’ telling him what to do. It’s like a strange family picture, the Stepford family lording over Mr. Wednesday and Moon. Media states they want to “help” Wednesday find his audience–but really they want to cut off his reach as quickly as possible. To call a truce before the war, so they can claim a quiet victory. However, Mr. Wednesday refuses it; he wants to be known as Odin on his own, not under other people’s terms. Mr. World accepts this, and decides to retreat for the moment, to give both Wednesday and Moon time to think it over.

Technical Boy, however, gets mouthy over this; like a child, he doesn’t understand the real scheme, so Media knocks out two of his teeth, giving them to Moon as a gift. As they disappear, they leave a horrific scene in their wake: everyone in the police station has been killed, and as Moon escapes, he sees a strange tree growing up through one of the cops. Ominous, right?


And as for Laura, Sweeney pays her a visit, and it doesn’t go well–for Sweeney, that is. He wants his coin back, and Laura is in no way giving it back. No matter how hard he tries, Laura just keeps beating him back. The entire scene is comical, and a great contrast to the rest of the episode. We do find out that Laura is indeed rotting–while the coin has brought her back, it hasn’t stopped decay, so her time is finite, no matter what else happens. To get back at him, Laura plays dead when cops bust in to check on the domestic disturbance, getting Sweeney arrested. We get to see him carted off screaming, “You’re an asshole, dead wife!” I shouldn’t have laughed so hard, but I did. Don’t worry about Sweeney too much, though. He does manage to escape the cop car. So maybe his luck isn’t entirely lost–just very diminished.


Overall, this was a great episode; it picked the story back up after the Laura-centric, ‘Git Gone’, and points us back on the path towards answers–ones both us and Moon–desperately need.

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