Arrow S05E22 “Missing” Review

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Warning Contains Spoilers

Alright, Arrow is ending the season strong with this penultimate episode. There were so many twists and turns that it made for a very exciting hour of television. Save for a few episodes here and there *cough* “Underneath” *cough*, season five was a real return to form. I’ve said this a lot because it’s true, but season two was Arrow’s best season and this current season has made up for the lost years in between–especially with this week’s episode.

So Adrian Chase is behind bars, this calls for a celebration right? Wrong. He is constantly 50 steps ahead, so of course this is all a part of his plan. His capture was way too easy! When the team starts disappearing one by one you know he is involved. This explains Wild Dog’s hearing absence and now I feel bad that I was angry at him. Oliver told him that his team is his saving grace and that gave Adrian what he needed to continue his plan.

With the help of Evelyn (ugh I thought we were done with her), Talia al Ghul, and Black Siren, he kidnaps the team and brings them to the one place that still haunts Oliver to this day: Lian Yu. What a great idea! This ties the past to the present perfectly and continues to mirror season two. Adrian is going to make sure Oliver’s past doesn’t stop haunting him. Oliver lost a lot on that island and before this is all over he will probably lose even more. If I know Chase, I know that not everyone is going to make it off the island alive.

As you know, Black Siren is Laurel’s Earth 2 doppelgänger. I knew that Black Siren was coming back at the end of this season, but I just hoped by some miracle Quentin would never have to cross paths with her. Alas, Chase uses her to get to Quentin, and it was heartbreaking. Black Siren even seems to feel bad about the situation. This is probably the beginning of her eventual turn to the good side. As soon as he sees her, he breaks down and loses all composure. Poor guy, with Sara coming back to life he probably still had a glimmer of hope that the same thing would happen to Laurel. Thea ends up being the one to bring him back to reality and I’m glad it was her; she’s consistently there for Quentin. Chase is so good at psychological torture!

So with Oliver’s team gone. the only logical option is to team up with Malcolm Merlyn. He only seems to show up when Thea is in danger. Malcolm chooses the side that benefits him everytime; he’s neither good nor bad– he’s out for himself and I guess Thea. Leave it to Malcolm to be the one person to get through to Oliver. He tells him, “that personal connections are what make us human” and that he can’t believe it took a sociopath to make Oliver see it. The people in his life need him and if he doesn’t accept that, his past will stay his anchor. Someone needed to say it! Hats off to Merlyn for being the one to point this out. Oliver is trying to live on an island. It takes having everyone he cares about threatened to take action towards real change.

Oliver also enlists the help of Nyssa al Ghul and my heart was full! I’m so glad she came back! She is such a strong, kick butt character that steals every scene she’s in. Arrow often has trouble writing female characters, but they have always done well with Nyssa . She calls Oliver “husband” so I guess they are still married? I wondered how that was going to figure into Felicity and Oliver’s marriage, but hopefully we never have to find out! I loved when she mentioned finding Sara on Lian Yu; I miss their love.

Something that was weird to me was that at one point Chase refers to Thea as, “sis”. Why would he use those words? He doesn’t do anything without purpose, so what could that mean? I guess we’ll find out next week. Are Thea and Chase somehow related? Twist!

Right now it’s Oliver, Nyssa, and Merlyn vs Chase, Evelyn, Black Siren, and Talia and her army. So it definitely isn’t evenly matched. Oliver is no match for Chase, especially when so many lives are on the line. Oliver needs more help and what I’ve been saying all season is that Chase reminds me a lot of Slade. So much of season five has been paying homage to season two. Oliver hasn’t been able to beat Chase at any point, and this time isn’t any different. The only person that is a match for Chase is Slade himself. Oliver knows this and swallows his pride to ask Slade for help.

I am so excited for Slade to be back!!!!! He remains the best villain in Arrow history; Chase comes in second. The fight between them in the finale is going to be epic. When Oliver goes to Slade’s cell on Lian Yu, I screamed with excitement! This episode set up the epic finale flawlessly. Oliver can’t kill Chase because he doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of becoming who he thinks Oliver is. So maybe Slade will have to be the one to kill Chase, or at least they’ll switch places and Chase will live in the cell on Lian Yu. Slade is a move that maybe Chase didn’t see coming. Maybe, bringing in Slade was the link that was missing.

Are you excited for the showdown in the finale? I sure am! I hope they end the season with enough closure. This was an episode with a lot of reunions and I’m excited to see everyone face off next week. Who will survive?

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