Fox Upfronts!

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Set up on one of the most beautiful days New York has seen in a long time, Fox Upfronts embraced its beautiful venue and decked it out for a celebration of everything it has to offer. The energy was not just because of the beautiful weather; Fox has been scoring big with their new shows. With a wide variety from drama to comedy, they have been able to capture vast audiences.

It’s no wonder their newest show, The Gifted, is already stirring up big news. A Marvel drama series based on the X-Men mythos, it will be exploring how a family handles the discovery of their children developing mutant powers. The cast is great, anchored by Amy Acker (Person of Interest, Dollhouse), and Stephen Moyer (True Blood). ┬áThere was a screening section, ready to test if you have the mutant gene. Conducted by, you will be able to your DNA more clearly once the results are in. This testing station had quite the line, longer than the Fox News sportscaster station. Everyone was abuzz with how The Gifted would do amongst their other powerhouses.

Inside there was dancing and delicious food and drinks to be had as we enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. Quite a few actors and actresses stopped by the photo area to snag some candid’s with their in-house fans. Good drinks, fantastic sushi, grilled meats and delicious desserts weren’t enough to keep fans away from letting them know how much they enjoyed their shows.
Fox has strong shows across all its networks if anything I am more hyped to see their fall lineup now with new and returning shows!


Check out The Gifted trailer below!


A little scan before my DNA is tested.



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