The Flash S3E22, Review – Infantino Street

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Time is running out to save Iris, and everyone is feeling the crunch. The last hope that remains is the Speed Force Bazooka Tracy has developed; all it needs is a power source.

Cisco manages to find the answer in A.R.G.U.S., a piece of a Dominator ship would be perfect to power the bazooka, but after meeting with Lyla, their hopes are crushed. With A.R.G.U.S. locked down tenfold, it seems a break in would be impossible. Desperate, Barry comes up with the brilliant idea of bringing Snart from the past to his future to help.

I thought Snart would put up more of a fight to help Barry, but it seems breaking into A.R.G.U.S. is more than enough fun for him and he jumps in. He is quite amused by Barry’s sudden allegiance shift and heads into A.R.G.U.S. with him. The buddy break in is light and hopeful, not something I thought would play out so close to Iris’ death. It’s almost as if Snart likes teaming up with Barry. I wish these two had more of an opportunity to team up, because they play off each other so well.

If there were any question to Snart’s intelligence, this break in would change that. He picks up on situational change much faster than Cisco, who is monitoring them, and it works out for the better. They quickly evade King Shark’s watchful eye with some shark week trivia, but just as they make their way out, Snart gets trapped on the wrong side. Barry has what he wants, and Snart is just another bad guy, there is no reason for him to help. Except Barry would never leave someone who is helping him– he has a strict sense of morals. It also helps that he needs to return Snart to the past before he screws up another timeline.

Stopping to help Snart escape has them both caught by Lyla and the rest of A.R.G.U.S. However, instead of locking either of them up, she lets them go. She saw Barry save Snart, so she gives Barry the power source he needs and sends him on his way.

While Barry worked on his mission, team Flash burned the midnight oil in preparation for the showdown with Savitar. Surprisingly, Julian was nowhere to be seen as the focus shifted to Iris in her final hours. To prevent Savitar from knowing where Iris is, Wally, Joe, and Iris quietly travel to Earth-2 for protection. It’s a sweet father-daughter bonding moment as the two reminisce over their lives together. The most notable point being Iris giving Joe her engagement ring.

All the while, Savitar knows exactly how final preparations are going. He relaxes with Killer Frost who grills him about his motives. I’m still not clear why he hates Barry so much: is it because he’s the “real” Barry? Is it because of how he was formed? Savitar has so much hatred for him, no amount of sentimental memories will change his mind from killing Iris. Savitar has her capture all planned out, as he matches Barry’s return with his own, he manages to find out Iris’ location from H.R. and takes off to Earth-2.

Despite the call to alarm, no one can stop Savitar from taking Iris. Harry, Wally, and Joe put up a fight, but Iris goes willingly once Wally’s legs are broken. She doesn’t want anyone hurt, and has already resigned to her death.

There’s an odd quiet that befalls the team before they go after Savitar. Tracy’s Speed Force Bazooka is their last hope to stop Savitar and trap him in the Speed Force. Wally and H.R. are sick with guilt, both blaming themselves for Iris being captured by Savitar. Cisco steps forward to H.R., assuring him it wasn’t his fault, as he was tricked by Savitar’s appearance just as they all were. Except H.R. sees it as another reason why he is useless. Cisco does his best to give him a pep talk, telling him how important he is to the team. He motivates them; he never gives up. H.R. trained Wally, he gave Tracy confidence when she was at her low, he was the number one cheerleader in saving Iris. H.R. didn’t seem convinced of his worth, but assures Cisco he will hold down the fort.

Before Barry goes to meet Savitar, Cisco vibes Killer Frost in a forest. A familiar sight by now, and he knows he needs to meet her. Barry urges him to meet her, as it may be their last chance to save her. They have to save as many people as they can.

We’ve watched her die over and over again. We’ve seen the effects losing Iris has on the team, we’ve seen the ripples it causes. It doesn’t change how hard it is watching her die in Barry’s arms one last time.

The Speed Force Bazooka doesn’t work; Savitar has the Philosophers stone with him, and it negated its effects. Maybe Iris knew all along you can’t change the future. After Flashpoint, this became her future, and no matter what they did, nothing seemed to change. Iris left one last message to Barry that had me fighting back tears. It was of her taking his hand in marriage, a final goodbye to the one she loved.

Where does the team go from here? It’s an emotional cliffhanger where I’m still holding out hope Iris is alive. All signs point to her death, but I can’t accept that. Barry has changed time too many times for this to be Iris’ last hurrah.

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