Good God (Johnson), this was a great episode! #Lucifer S2E16 Review: God Johnson

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Lucifer: God Johnson

Original air date: May 15th, 2017

Warning; Spoilers

Lucifer finally got the apology from his dad that he always wanted—too bad it wasn’t really his dad.  So, it turns out that God Johnson, aka Earl Johnson, bought a belt buckle in a Navajo gift shop and the belt buckle turned out to be part of the Flaming Sword. The reason the Flaming Sword, isn’t flaming, is that there are pieces missing. Well, one more piece, and now we know what Uriel’s cryptic message meant.

I’ll admit, I figured it couldn’t really be the God, as Amenadiel said– it isn’t really his style. Also, if it was him, how could the show top that? But, just because it wasn’t him, doesn’t mean God Johnson wasn’t talking for the Almighty. Even if that isn’t the case, what God Johnson provided us was more insight as to what Lucifer and Charlotte want.

Lucifer thinks he is void of free will and that everything bad that has happened to him is his dad’s fault. So basically Lucifer has the emotional level of a teenager. Lucifer got to punch, scream, and express his anger about his father– he even got to have some quality father/son time. The scene where God and Lucifer walk among the patients running amok was beautiful, adding Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam’s In a Black Out, was the perfect song choice.

All of this could have led to Lucifer letting go of his anger. Instead it fueled the fire inside him. Lucifer is more hell-bent on revenge now more than ever. (See what I did there, wink, wink.) He thinks his dad never would apologize or say the things God Johnson did. But, again, as Amenadiel said, God would send an emissary—couldn’t Mr. Johnson be that? I know stories, TV shows need a certain amount of serendipity to keep the plot moving forward—but it was very fortuitous that Chloe got called to a murder scene in a mental health hospital, where God Johnson just happened to be committed, just after Lucifer wasn’t having luck with the Flaming Sword.

I loved that Lucifer tried to Parent Trap his parents with Dr. Martin’s help. Lucifer proclaims that the two getting back together would ensure their misery for eternity, but maybe Lucifer’s anger stems more from being part of a broken family. Maybe he has more in common with his mother than he would like to admit.

Charlotte is running out of time here on Earth and admits humans aren’t so bad– we invented Vodka after all. Seeing God Johnson and briefly thinking he was her husband bought up all kinds of emotions for her. She is unsure if she wants revenge, or if she wants reconciliation. Charlotte is having trouble processing her emotions and turns to Dan. I am glad he could hold her (without his pants) and comfort her. I don’t know, I kind of like them as a couple.

Speaking of couples—Maze and Amenadiel. I would like to see them reunite. I know there is an upcoming episode titled, Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith, so I am hoping he gets to play her Mr. Smith.  Also, love Maze’s interpretation of friendship.  I would’ve like to see the booze cruise she put together. I think it is time for another girl’s night out.

Okay, so we know Lucifer likes Earth, it is growing on Charlotte, and Amenadiel is liking aspects of it. What if that is God’s grand design for them? Charlotte said Earth is God’s favorite toy—maybe he just wants them to feel how he feels about humanity.  Maybe by understanding humanity, they can understand more about God?

Finally, just throwing it out there, and don’t knock it until you try it—Hawaiian pizza with Jalapeños. It will blow your mind.

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